Andrew Jackson

Is a Zero more than a Hero

Killed for Greed

In 1831 Andrew Jackson agreed with Georgia and other states that they "need" more space for their state . And that the Native Americans (Cherokees , Choctaw , Chickasaw , Muscogee creek , and Seminole ) were preventing that from happening because they were on land that was the United States . So Andrew and people from Georgia and other southern states decided to make the Native Americans move west towards today Alabama so that the greety people of Georgia , and the other states involved , could have more land that they only wanted . This had cause the Trail of Tears because many Cherokees and other Native Americans died of natural causes along the way to develope new homes that hopefully might not be destroyed by the colonists after they are farther away from the states. And this horrible situation is called the "Indian Removal Act."

The Spoiled Supporters

After Andrew Jackson was elected as the seventh president of the United States , he decided to give a little treat to the supporters , friends , and relatives as a thank you for voting for him or just being apart of his family. This is unfair to all of the other people of the United States because it shows that the "Common man" is not being so friendly or equal as people though he was as he said he would be if we voted for him.

Jackson's and his abusive powers

When the South threaten to secede from the Union if their nullification of the tariffs were challenged congress suddenly became Jackson's best friend . Jackson wanted the Congress to write the "Force bill" which allowed Jackson to use the army when needed . And after the force bill was made Jackson used the army against South Carolina like he did to move the Cherokees west of the Mississippi . But what finally ended the crisis was the compromise tariff of 1833 .

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