Ms. Foster's Class News

March 23, 2015

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Important Information

  • This time of year is always exciting. The weather has finally changed and we are are all wanting to be outside. Please remind your child that we have an entire quarter of school left and there is lots of work left to be done.
  • Students will be using their Google Accounts. Their email address will be: first name intial, last name, last 3 digits of student number @ g, ex. sfoster456@g, The password is: fh student number ex. fh123456
  • Extra copies of Math Topic Study Guides and Reading Logs can be found in your child's Google Account.
  • Students do not have email accounts. The email is used just for a username.

Preparing for the MAP test!

The 4th grade students at Fairmount will be taking the MAP test this spring. The test is completely computerized. It incorporates a variety of types of test questions and addresses many different math, reading and writing concepts. In the weeks to come, students will be shown examples of the different types of questions and asked to practice them. Fortunately, Study has test questions written in the new format. Please encourage your child to get on Study and practice.


Several students created a digit project using a program called Voicethread. If you would like to view them, please go to:

The username is your child's lunchcode and the password is francis.

Curriculum Notes

Reading: This week we will comparing themes in myths. See 4th Grade Newsletter for Objectives.

Writing: In writing, we will finish our own narrative based on the elements of the Hero's Journey. Feel free to go onto your child's Google account and look at their progress. We will be digitally publishing our narratives.

Spelling: This week we are addressing List 25. Words with the -ible or -able suffix.

Math: In Math, we will continue Topic 12 which focuses on adding and subtracting fractions. Students will be asked to simplify their answers. Study Guide will be due March 27 and the Topic 12 test will be March 27.