By Carter Mayland

Poseidon brother of Zeus the king of the gods and Hades king of the Underwold. His parents are Cronus/Kronos his father and mother Rhea. Poseidon is next too Zeus in power. His weapon the trident was a gift from Zeus and made by a cyclops the trident is powerful enough to shake the Earth. Poseidon is one of the greediest and moody gods there is. His Roman name is Neptune but he still has the same powers though.

His children are Triton, pegasus,Chrysaor,Areion (Adrastos' horse),and Polyphemus. His wifes are Amphitrite,medusa,Demeter,Thoosa,and many many more. He lives in the bottom of the Ocean, but his throne is on Mt. Olympus where all the gods have their thrones (well not all the gods some gods do not have a throne.) Their thrones are very well armed if someone sits on their thrones that is not them the throne will kill them. Poseidon's father wanted to destroy Mt. Olympus and all the gods Gea was the most sucsesful because she made some giants (anti gods) each god has an anti god that wants to destroy them. Two of the anti gods piled up mountains to get to Mt. Olympus but they failed. The only way a god can die is if their element/power is gone like is there was very little water in the world then Poseidon will die.