Facts about King Penguins

Do you know what king bird can’t fly? King Penguins, they are very interesting to learn about. Like, did you know that King penguins don’t build nests? Or that they only lay one egg at a time and that the baby penguin can grow to be bigger than their parents? Penguins do a lot of amazing things like getting food to surviving from predators and huddling into large groups which can contain about 300 penguins.

What they Look Like

Do you actually know what King Penguins looks like? Well if you didn't, they have a grey/black back and a yellow/orange patch on the chest. They also have white on their neck. When King penguins are younger, they have brown fur. King Penguins and Emperor Penguins will commonly get mixed up because of their look alike. They will regularly get up to ninety centimeters tall and commonly weigh up to twenty four to thirty five pounds. If you were ever wondering what a King Penguin felt like, they feel close to what a dolphin feels like, slimy and rubbery. Penguins have webbed feet to allow them to swim fast and to get away from predators.

Predator and Prey

Their Diet is really simple. All they eat is fish, krill, and squid. They eat fish because that is one of the things that is easy to catch when they are swimming. They also eat other marine invertebrates. King penguins used their webbed feet to swim away from their predators. Their predators contain sharks, and sea lions. Also the most common predator of a King penguin the killer whale. In this case, the King penguin only has one on-land predator, other flying birds. Unless you count worms, Chile ticks, lice, and fleas. Off to the side you can see a picture of a couple Killer Whales.


You're probably thinking that most penguins just live in Antarctica. King penguins in fact do live in Antarctica but they live in many other places to. Some King penguins live on islands or other places. For example they live in places like Falkland Island, and Prince Edward Island. Surprisingly, they also live in Southern Georgia. People don’t really know how these penguins can live in a really cold location like Antarctica and also can live in a warm climate like Georgia.
By: Courtney Pearson