Buffalo Bill

William Cody


The Wild West was a dangerous place because of robberies and gun slingers. One of the dangerous people was Buffalo Bill Cody. He was known for many things. The first thing that he was known for was his Wild West shows.


1) 1846- Born Febuary 26.

2) 1857- His father died and Buffalo Bill supported his family at age 11.

3) 1860-61- Works at stock-tenderand rider with the pony express.

4) 1862-65-Scouts for the Union cavalry detachments during the Civil War.

5) 1867-68-Hunts buffalo to provide meat for railroad construction crew. How he got his name.

6) 1867-72-As chief of Scouts for the 5th Cavalry, takes part in numerous engagements with Indians and suffers a wound in the head.

7) 1872 -Playing himself, and clad in buckskin, he launches a stage staring in Buntline's "The Scout of the Prairie".

8) 1882-Buffalo Bill's Wild West show for 3 decades.

9) 1909-Forms Wild West with Pawnee Bill Lillie's show.

10) 1917-Dies in Denver and is buried atop nerby