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Anasazi construted many things:dams,ditches and more.Their houses were made up of adobe and stones.they were apartment-like structures,that lived along large plazas.Heart of Civilization,massive complex of more then 1000 people in Chaco Civilization.People in Pueblo Bonito made trading roads,and their were men called''Craftmen''who made woven baskets,and black on white potterys.Two of the most largest pueblo groups(such as Hopi and Zuni)made an great amount of influence on art and architecture.Perhaps they made many droughts.



Hopewell was another name for Eastern Woodlands people.Hopewell's moved in to Ohio nearly around 300 BC.There were mounds built up to 40 feet high and 100 feet high.Artifacts explored extensive TRADE road(network).Adena and Hopewell both referred to as "Mound Builder''.


Mississippians arrived in mississipppi valley at 800 BC.Maze and beans had an huge increase on population.Had plants that made many food.They need more land,and more land answered up to more cities.The largest city was cahokia,which had up to 10,000 people.In the middle of the city was a massive mound,It was 100 feet high,more then 14 acres.