Lavish Spending

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Gatsby lost control so much while pursuing his dream that he didn't care what he spent. He tried buying his dream. He bought a huge mansion, expensive cars, expensive land, expensive party's, expensive everything. Pretty much if it was expensive he would buy it he tried to buy his future and buy the past to erase it. He thought that if he spent enough he could buy his dream. He lost self control to the point he didn't care what he spent or what he even did. Tom and Daisy did the same thing they would just spend what ever on what ever. They didn't care about the mess they would make they had never had consequences before and they had no self control over themselves.

In Inside Job the huge corporate people didn't care what they spent even if it wasn't their money but the company's money. They would even write off trips and expenses on the business budget. They didn't have enough self control to even know that it was wrong to spend the company's money for their own personal entertainment. They lost self control and didn't see how thier spending was hurting not only the company but also the people under the company. They ended up hurting every one but themselves. They hurt their stock holders their fellow employes under them and other company's around them. While they walk away from it with a few couple million dollars in their pockets.

In High School Confidential the Teens will spend what ever it takes to achieve their goal and they simply don't care. They lose their self control and spend way to much money for nothing important.