5th Grade News

Dates and Reminders


11: PAWS meeting @ 6:00

11-12: Science MAP

14-15: Math MAP

15: Mid Q4

18: Spring Picture Orders Due

18-20: ELA MAP

19: McTeacher's Night at McDonalds @ 4:00-8:00

21: 5th Grade Field Trip

Academically Speaking

Reading/ELA/Social Studies - Students have been reading and building their schema about events leading up to the Civil War. We are reading text closely, so that we can answer a variety of questions about the text to show our understanding. Our focus has been on checking our work to ensure our ideas come from the text when answering questions. Students also reviewed how to effectively write a response to a question. Our responses restate language from our question/prompt, answer the question, and provide evidence to support our answer (RAP).

Take-Away: Ask your child about how our country was divided prior to the Civil War.

Science - Students have been working hard reviewing for the upcoming MAP test. The students have spent the last week designing their own scientific inquiry experiment and taking that experiment through the steps of the scientific method. The students identified their questions, wrote a hypothesis, listed materials and steps to complete their experiment, collected & analyzed their data and made conclusions. The students also had to identify the controls (what remained the same in the experiment) as well as, the variable (what was being measured). There were many excellent experiments. Several teams tested which brand of popcorn produces the fewest un-popped kernels. Others tested the strength of garbage bags and the absorbency of paper towels.

Take-Away: Ask your child what conclusions they drew from his/her experiment.

Math - Students have been converting measurements in the standard and metric systems. We have been working to memorize the different conversions between the lengths, capacities, and weights of objects to find equivalent measurements. In class next students will be reviewing key concepts before the MAP test on Thursday and Friday.

Take Away: Ask your student what the acronym is to remember the metric units.

Reminders About MAP

Earlier this week, a letter came home about MAP testing. Below are important parts from the letter about the upcoming weeks. See the Dates and Reminders section above to know which mornings your child qualifies for a free breakfast.
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