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About me

My name is Maria and i am 16 years old. I am from Cyprus and I go to Apeitio high school in Argos. In my free time I like listening to music and i surf on the net! I love theater very much and my favorite actor is Channing Tatum!


Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, has rich, turbulent history stretching back to antiquity. Known for its beaches, it has a rugged interior with wine-growing regions.
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I like Croatia! Croatia is an impressive country with rich history.The people are friendly and hospitable! I had wonderful,unforgetable times there!

The visit to Britritza was an unforgetable experience and making cookies was unique.Also the school was quite good.The videos which were presented in the school were very informative giving a whole picture of Zagreb,its history and people.The only thing I found difficult to get used to the weather, becouse it was very freezing cold!

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