Tech Nuggets Flyer

October 2015

Spam Email

It's been brought to our attention in the Tech Department that sometimes emails being sent to a group - like #LHS - are being routed to Spam. It is recommended that you check your spam box once a week to see if any school related items were misdirected. If you find an email that should have come into your inbox please take the following steps:

  • Select the email that should not be Spam
  • Click on 'Not Spam'
  • Now go to the email in your inbox
  • Open the message
  • Put your cursor over the name of the person the email is from
  • Click 'Add to Contacts'

This will prevent future emails from this individual going into your Spam box.

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Submitting Your Classroom Website

If your classroom website is currently not linked on the Staff Directory page on the USD 495 website, please submit your classroom website link to the following form:

Website URL Form

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is an online resource for accessing mini-video tutorials on computer applications and Web 2.0 tools. Tutorials are available for MAC and PC platforms as well as the various application versions. Teachers can assign specific tutorials for students to watch in relation to a project. Teachers can also access 21st Century lesson plans that include the objectives, project, and tutorials students will need to complete the project.

NEW LINK for accessing Atomic Learning - We have a new URL for accessing Atomic Learning this year and all usernames and passwords have changed for both staff & students.

Atomic Learning URL -

Student Login:
Username - firstname.lastname.last2digitsofgraduationyear
Password - your computer password

USD 495 Employee Login:
Username - firstname.lastname
Password - same as your email

If you are needing apps added to student iPads, you will need to complete the App Request Form. At this time, you can only submit one app per request. You can access the form multiple ways:

  • Go to the district website, select Resources and choose For Our Staff. When you scroll down the page, you will see 'Submit an App Request' as the third item under the Employee Resources subheading.
  • Go to the home page of the Help Desk, you will see 'iOS App Request Form' in the right-hand column. Once you login, you will be able to click this link.
  • Go directly to the App Request Form.

You may be asking yourself, "Why can't I just send an email or submit a ticket with my request?' Good question! While emails are great, they are not so great when you receive 50 or more in one day. Despite the efforts to filter and sort specific emails as they hit my inbox, it is easy for my box to get full quickly. As a result, some of those emails get buried or passed over because I'm in the middle of another project or task. It could be days or weeks before I find that email request. The Help Desk would be a great option, but there is specific information needed on our end to complete your app request, such as the App Web Link. This information assists us in obtaining and sending out the correct app as well as tracking app usage and how they are being utilized in the classroom. This type of information is valuable when speaking with technology stakeholders in our district and community.

Once you have completed an app request, you will receive an email notification within 24 hours indicating one of the following:

  • The app(s) have been sent to the requested devices
  • A request for additional information
  • An explanation as to why that app request(s) could not be filled
  • A delay notification with a projected time frame as to when the app request(s) will be completed
Please Note - The Technology Department does not pay for apps. If you are requesting an app that is not free, then you will need to seek approval from your administrator before submitting an app request. If your administrator is not comfortable giving you an account number for the app request form, then please note that you have approval from your administrator and who we should contact for an account number. If you have any questions while you are completing the App Request Form, please don't hesitate to contact the Tech Office.
In an effort to provide more efficient technology assistance, we are requesting that the USD 495 staff make use of the Help Desk ticket system. The Help Desk can be accessed multiple ways:

  • Go to the district website, select Resources and choose For Our Staff. When you scroll down the page, you will see 'Submit a ticket or work order' as the second item under the Employee Resources subheading.
  • Go directly to the USD 495 Help Desk

We are often asked when a ticket should be submitted versus an email, phone call or chat.

A phone call is good if...

  • you can't get your computer to boot up,
  • your computer smells like it is burning,
  • you see smoke coming out of your computer, or
  • a student can't get logged into their computer or account.

These are usually issues that we need to address immediately and cannot wait.

Chat works well for issues like...

  • a student can't get logged into their computer or account,
  • students can access Facebook on their computer,
  • you are having Powerschool issues, or
  • you tried calling the office, but no one answered.

Again, these are usually issues that need to be addressed quickly.

Tickets are for everything else, including but not limited to...

  • tech equipment request,
  • error message on your computer or tech equipment,
  • repeated issue with your computer or tech equipment,
  • how-to assistance needed,
  • toner needed for the printer, or
  • projector bulb needs to be replaced.

These are issues that need to be addressed but are not impeding your ability to work or the ability of your students to complete their class tasks and assignments.

Email is probably the worst method for submitting a technology assistance request as it is too easy for those to get buried by other emails. The other issue with email is there may be a specific person in the technology department who needs to handle your issue or request. If you don't send it to that person right off, your message may get forwarded on without your knowledge and again be buried in someone else's inbox. This method should only be used if you were specifically asked to email someone directly in the tech office.

On the main page of the Help Desk, the opening text explains what username and password you will use to log in. You will also notice phone numbers and helpful technology links in the right-hand column that may help you resolve your issues without submitting a ticket.

Once you submit a ticket, you will receive email notifications throughout the process of your request. Please read these emails as you may receive instructions to perform a specific task on your computer or device as we troubleshoot your reported issue. You can also submit additional information related to your ticket or close the ticket if the request has been resolved or no longer needed.

Please note - Tickets should be used in relation to your position as a district employee and not as a parent. If instance, if your son or daughter is having an issue logging into their Google account, please do not submit a ticket. The student should be addressing this issue with their classroom teacher, the school librarian (LMS) or coming directly to the tech office (LHS).

Tech in the Building - October

Location & Dates

Larned Middle School - Monday, October 19th
Larned High School - Wednesday, October 21st
Phinney - Tuesday, October 27th

Hillside - Wednesday, October 28th
Northside - Thursday, October 29th

EEC & TriCounty Office - October 30th (9am-11am)

PaperCut Demo

Some of you may have heard that we have started testing out a new product called PaperCut. The Tech Department has been asked to look for solutions to cut down on our district-wide printing & copying costs. PaperCut is a program that we are testing out to see if it will help us with this endeavor. Essentially, we add all users into PaperCut and allot a specific amount of money for printing each month per user. Each printer & copier is then given a specific cost for per page printing. For example, one page on a black & white printer may cost your $0.04, but one page on a color printer may cost you $0.14.

One issue with PaperCut is all your printing will now be done through Google Cloud Printing. Not familiar with Google Cloud Printing? Basically, it means you can only print from the Chrome browser - meaning you can print websites, anything from your Google Docs, Drive, Gmail. If you have something you created with a specific application on your computer, you will have a few extra steps to take so you can print. For instance, I created a document using Pages. I cannot drag and drop the document into Google Drive because it will not open so I can print it. I can, however, export my Pages document as either a PDF or Word file, drag & drop it into my Google Drive, and then print it. We many encounter a few other situations where we have to find solutions which the reason we are testing this program. Two positives from Google Cloud Printing are you can now print from a Chromebook and teachers will be able to print something to a school printer from home.

PaperCut testing began this week at Northside. Phinney teachers will be meeting with Kris Tuesday after school to learn how to print with PaperCut and will start using this program Wednesday morning. The other buildings will be starting PaperCut in the upcoming weeks. Please be checking your emails for further information.