English Greek Project

By: Omar P.

Meaning to be called Argus eyed?

Who's Argus the creature ?

Argus is a character in Greek mythology; in definition of having numerous eyes and being a giant. He was a " All seeing", his features helped him be a guard (GreekMythology).

Quest #1

Argus was to be riding a wild bull which led him to destroy the countryside of Arcadia; a place in Greece (Loggia).

Quest # 2 with famous character's

Argus was demanded by Hera, the queen of Olympians and queens to watch over lo; a passionate woman the created a love affair with Zeus. But, Zeus never put his hands down to trust Argus and guard her wife, so he called in for Hermes and gave him a task. Hermes mission was completed in which was to put Argus to sleep and eventually kill him.
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Hera's peacock

As a reward for Argus from Hera, she placed his eyes in her favorite birds feathers; a peacock. Argus eyes were adoring the feather's and later to be on he was immortalized (Loggia).
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Argus Role

Hera, had loyalty between Argus because he protected her from any danger, Argus was a rival and servant to Hera so they much in common; She gave him out to quest.

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