Banned Book Week

Huckleberry and Finn

Why Ban Huckleberry and Finn?

Interestingly enough, the one language choice that was not contested in those early days was the use of the N-word. Only years later did people begin to condemn the books as racist

Banning the Book - Then and Now

Surprisingly enough to those who would ban it today, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was also originally banned because it showed too great of a friendship between a white boy and a slave. To some defenders of the book, this proves that the novel was groundbreaking in that it shattered the stereotypes of the time. After all, writing about a white boy who befriends a slave and frees him caused such a controversy purely because it was unheard of during those times.


My classmates and I came together to make a joined project on banned books. The book I chose was Huckleberry and Finn. My book was banned because
of the racism that was used in the book. So to represent that issue I used images from race riots to show that my book had racism issues.