2016 Summer Olypics May be Moved

Rio's water not clean enough for the Summer Olympics

The World's Water Crisis

Everything that is living needs water to survive and stay alive. An organism survive with no water. About seventy percent of the Earth is made up of water which is good for us. But most of the water on earth is saltwater. Saltwater is indigestible and very bad for you to drink too much because of all the salt in it. Sadly only two percent of the water on Earth is freshwater but is not accesible to humans because it is in a frozen state. Most fresh water is used for growing food for the worlds population. 20% is used for industrial purposes. Only 10% is used for household purposes like the dishwasher or the shower. The demand for freshwater is growing with the population. The freshwater that we can use is being wasted by bad draining systems. Freshwater is also getting very polluted by chemicals like fossil fuels. Fossil fuels give off greenhouse gases which cause global warming. Global warming could lead to extreme floods bad droughts and harmful storms. Animals and humans are dying because of droughts caused by global warming. There are even fights for water happening. Stuart A. Kallen say "The availability and control of fresh water supplies are issues to decide life in the 21st century."(12)

Water in Guanabara Bay not healthy enough

People have found many disgusting things in the water like car tires and even dog carcasses. In Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Bay people have noticed many disgusting things in the water. People have noticed the bodies of dead dogs and sometimes even dead humans in the water. The water is also filled with garbage and sewage contamination.

What The Water Could Do To Us

When some people have accidentally fallen in to the water they have emerged with red dots all over their bodies. Not only can people get itchy red dots but people can get many different diseases from the water. Some of the diseases that people can get from the water are Dysentry, Hepatitis A, Cholera and other diseases too. Many living things have died in the water of Guanabara Bay because of the sewage contamination.

What Officials Are Doing To Help

Officials are working hard to get rid of the garbage and all of the sewage contamination. Workers have sent out ecoboats to pick up and get rid of the trash in the bay. Officials have also put ecobarriers to facilitate the clean up.
Rio de Janiero is in Brazil and is supposed to be the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.
Some people have called Guanabara Bay a fish grave because the water is so polluted that it will kill all living things that try to live in the water.