Tony Sweet



Tony Sweet was born on October 20, 1949 in Baltimore Maryland. Before he became a photographer he was a jazz musician and educator, and a professional magician. He lives in Maryland and he is Fine Arts Nature and Flower photographer, he takes a variety of different types of photos. Tony Sweet works/worked with Susan Milestone conducting Visual Artistry photography location workshops in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. In his works you see a lot of details, and they are definitely pictures that most people would not be taking, his timing in his photographs is very unique. Tony Sweet still influences people today with his workshops. He is mostly famous because of his previous careers as a musician and a magician. His works change but for the most part are consistent in his works. His photos use a variety of techniques such as Back-lighting, Framing, Rule of Thirds and Rule of Odds. Tony Sweet is a photographer that does not just stick to one subject he moves around from Nature to different objects like an old vehicle (see below). Tony is a very unique photographer, and he is very into different type of art.