Limited Edition Flavors! No!

No Limitation on Limited Edition V2 Cigs Flavors! I wish!

No Limitation on Limited Edition V2 Cigs Flavors! I wish!

Cola and grape, the two all time favorite flavor of mine have been displayed by V2 Cigs in limited edition. I always afraid one day I will open the flavor section and these two will not be there. Why V2 Cigs is not putting them among regular flavors makes me feel insecure about it. These are the perfect flavors which I am enjoying the most. Not just me, I read on an electronic cigarette review website that many vapers like me love these flavors. The crisp and sweet V2 Cigs Cola has a taste of my favorite soda while Grape Flavor is the best flavor for the summer.

In summer, I always need the flavor which is sweet and juicy allowing me to celebrate summer in a great way, thanks to V2 Cigs for providing Grape Flavor, and I wish that these flavors should be available throughout the year. E Cigarette Flavors play an important role; the vaping taste of e cigarette totally depends upon the flavor taste and the nicotine strength we are using. These limited edition flavors are perfect which provides full satisfaction to me as I wished.

Each Flavor provides different taste and smoking experience, but I can’t compare these limited edition flavors with V2 Cigs’ regular flavors as according to me, there is a huge gap between their tastes.

As summers are still on, I am enjoying these two flavors with the perfect vape as the thick vapor they produce is far better than the real cigarette smoke. No more going outside in the disgusting hot weather.