KRA in MI Team Newsletter

July, 2021

KRA Updates

Help Desk Tickets will be changing! Stay posted to learn more!

The prior care form has been translated in Arabic

Online Training Format

Districts electing to utilize the online format for training new teachers need to plan, monitor, troubleshoot, and support teachers throughout the window of training chosen by the district. While this method is the most flexible mode of training, the district trainer will want to ensure they are collecting evidence of completion (Teacher Training Guidebook and certificate). Be sure to allow time for support and retakes prior to the administration window opening for your district (first day of school).

Did you forget what your KRA Kit looks like? Here are a few pictures to help you find your kit.

Trainer Resources

If you are a KRA trainer that was trained prior to this year, you need to watch the recording of the June 2 Refresher Training for Trainers or complete the refresher module on the Trainer PD site. All trainers need to complete the refresher content assessment prior to any teacher trainings with an 80% or higher. The Refresher Training for Trainers recording includes extra information to make it easier for you to plan your training as well as a walkthrough of the KReady site while the KReady online refresher modules only includes basic content.

The following training materials for the 2021-2022 administration year are now updated and available as of June 1, 2021.

  • KRA Online Modules
  • Teacher Training Materials
  • Simulator and Content Assessment
  • Teacher Refresher Module
  • Recertification Content Assessment

Data Manager Resources

All student and enrollment data must not be entered until after the next year's administration window opens on July 26th, 2021.

Our team has created this newsletter to be one source of information on the KRA but it is only a snapshot of where we are at in our planning and progress upon sending. For the most up-to-date information, please be sure to visit our new website!

All information from is now housed here, as well.

The 2021-2022 KRA Prior Care Form has been updated to include a pandemic section to gather data on how the pandemic changed prior care decisions made by families. This information is needed for kindergarten registration. Families should select one option as it will be input into the KReady system as a dropdown option.

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We hope you take some time this summer to spend more time outdoors! As educators, we often work long hours indoors. Spending time outdoors is proven to improve health and happiness as it reduces stress, blood pressure, and heart rate.

One way to do this is to use the Michigan Activity Pass. The Michigan Activity Pass Program offers public library cardholders across the state the chance to check out and access over 450 of Michigan's beautiful outdoor recreational spaces for free or discounted admissions.

Summer Professional Reading List Ideas

Building Your Social Emotional Classroom Library

Beginning of the Year Family Engagement

Professional Learning Opportunities

Please save the date for these statewide KRA implementation training opportunities. As enhancements to the training are still being determined, dates and times are subject to change. To register, you will likely need to create a new account as we are using a new registration platform this year.

Note: All registrations require an account with the WISD Online Registration system.

New Training of Trainers (ToT) Training

This training will certify trainers to train teachers to administer the KRA with fidelity, use the KReady system to collect data, and access the online resources.

All training will be held virtually. The dates below are for all new trainers across the state. Trainers need only participate in one of the bulleted options. After new trainers register for one of the options below, they will receive an email with asynchronous modules that must be completed prior to the selected training date. Please keep in mind, registration will close two weeks prior to the start of the training. Up to 9 SCECH will be available, four are synchronous with the KRA in MI Team and five hours are asynchronous.

Data Manager Training Part B: Student Data

This virtual training will prepare new and existing data managers to load teacher, student, and enrollment data to support the fall administration of the KRA.

Teacher Refresher Training

This virtual training will provide teachers who have already participated in initial training in previous administration years with a synchronous review of the KRA, how to administer the KRA throughout the day, and utilize the data for instruction. Teachers must also complete the Teacher Recertification Module and Content Assessment asynchronously through the KReady system.

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