The Bear Necessities

November 26, 2019

Our theme seems to be "Permission to do it differently"?!

Sometimes if I'm really still, I get the best gifts. This little gem came while quietly considering life's constant change.

You can read it with a work lens or a personal lens or maybe read it twice and apply both.

Loved this part "Give yourself permission to experiment. Give yourself permission to learn from what doesn’t work and try again. Give yourself permission to be gloriously imperfect".

Remember, we are supportive of you trying new things, seeing what works and being gloriously imperfect!!

Your most gloriously imperfect and thankful leaders, Kerry and Jeanie

Health Room

I have had a few reminders this week about the importance of taking kids to the health room. Even if they aren't upset, even if it doesn't look very bad....take the student to the health room to document any injury, no matter how small. Trust me, it's worth your time! Did you know Alicia emails health room visit notes to parents...that way, they know anytime their child has been in.

Your leaders thank you for this!!

Parenting Beyond Consequences

When a principal friend comes back from a conference and says this was the best conference I've ever been go digging. I liked this article for parents, so feel free to share with parents. A good read for you as well.
Big picture

From Kim Rues:

I started a new procedure today - just trying to be more efficient :)

I will be making my rounds each morning and afternoon when I'm here to collect library books. This will help me not have to write quite as many yellow overdue slips, I hope.

You are still welcome to bring library books down, check them in or toss them in the book return. That's still incredibly helpful! This new step is just to catch the ones that don't get delivered because "life got in the way" --

Our Week

Monday - Jeanie 8:00 home visit and then WLE to observe, both here PM

Tuesday - Jeanie 10:00 home visit, both here PM

Wednesday - 9:00 SLC mtg to plan for next 4 years of space, both here PM

Thursday - Both SLC Elem. Princ Mtg AM, here PM

Friday - both here all day