Bald Eagle

By Ally

Where do Bald Eagles live?

Mr.President, The First Lady, Freedom and Liberty live in Washington DC. There names start with DC because of where they live. Whenever someone is coming they’re always staring at them.

What do Bald Eagles like to eat?

Mr.President and The First Lady feed Freedom and Liberty fish and sicks. The fish are always fresh from the ocean. If they can’t find fish they will eat small birds. They will also eat rodents and dead meat.

Bald Eagle sitting on a branch.

How big is the Bald Eagle and what does it look like?

Mr.President and The First Lady are 2 ½- 3 feet tall. Their wings are 6 ½ feet long. Females are bigger than males. All Bald Eagles weigh 10-14 pounds. Bald Eagles have white beards and heads but when they’re kids they’re all black. Bald Eagles can live up to 20-30 years old.