Shantina Turner

Basic Information .

  • James Oglethorpe founded the colony Georgia .
  • The colony Georgia was founded in 1733 .
  • It was founded because it was the last English colony established on the North American mainland , James had 35 families many of them were released from debtors prison . James wanted to to start a new colony people & give them a second chance in life .
  • people wanted to come here to start a new life .
  • Georgia was a proprietary colony , Which meant there was four different type of proprietary , Royal , Joint stock , Or covenant .
  • Proprietary colony

Relationship with Natives

  • James wanted the natives to move because the colony was supposed to be for the people that came from the debtors prison , But it was never fulfilled and 116 men ,, women & children was selected to become the original colonists


Economics , Trade & Crops .


Religious freedom for baptists & Anglican & others