Online Resources For Teacher

Where do I find this stuff?!

Scoop It!

On this site you can find the ideas of others and repost them to your own page! You can also create your own things and post them on your page for others to share! Embedded below is the Technology site of Cyndi Danner-Kuhn!


Edutopia is a site created by the George Lucas that offers many different ideas and free plans for "alternative" methods of education. Below is a link to some of the free resources, one of the many nuggets that this site offers as well as a video with an example of an alternative education method!

Rigorous Project-Based Learning Transforms AP Courses


EDpuzzle is a new resource that allows teachers to easily edit YouTube videos, remove the sound, replace it with your own voice, and even add text. Below is a demonstration of how to use EDpuzzle by its creator! I also edited a TED talk using EDpuzzle! The link is located below the demonstration.

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle


TED talks are an amazing resource for teachers and for their students! There are many videos that teachers can play that give their students ideas and there are many videos that can also give teachers some inspiration! Below is a link to the site and below that are a few of my favorite TED videos!

Surf the Net With Kids

Surf the Net with Kids has a seemingly unlimited amount of resources for teachers to share and do with their students! It is separated by subject and includes lesson plans and videos! Check it out below!