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Dear Parents,

WOW! The weeks are flying by at a curious rate. I am still not sure what happened to January!

In my last newsletter, I forgot share some kindness from the students. They all gathered to celebrate one of our kiddos' birthday. They worked hard to pool their tickets, go shopping at the prize area, and put together a gift for me. It came wrapped with the sweetest card signed by all. I loved hearing the reasoning behind their assortment of goodies...they know me VERY well. Another special moment with them that showed me our high expectations are making a positive impact.

Science Snack Share

This project has been interesting. This students are interested in each experiment being presented and they love hearing what happened and what went wrong. There has been a great deal of learning and the questions being asked are professional. I love it when they share how the experiment connects to the Science Standards because they sound like teachers. We even had a Kindergarten class come join us on Friday. Unfortunately, they wanted to "see" more experiments, but they were a great audience. HA!

I tried to record their presentations, so I hope to be able to share a few of them with you soon. Maybe I will have some time on one of my work days. ;)

Parent Conferences

6th Grade Spring Conferences will be held on Tuesday, Feb 23rd from 3:40-7:00 pm and on Wednesday, Feb 24th from 3:40-5:00 pm.

While our Spring Conferences are optional, they will be student-led and students will be required to attend their conference. If you choose to opt-out of conferences (confident about your student's progress, busy schedule, already asked your questions, etc.), that is alright. Your student will bring home their updated PEP plans and they will discuss their goal reflections/changes with you at home.

The conference sign-up will open on Wednesday morning, Feb 10th. So, on Wed, please check your email for a SignUpGenius invite.

Valentine's Day Party

Thank you to those who filled our our survey before Saturday night. We needed to get an idea of what the kiddos wanted as snacks for our celebration. The form is still open for movie, Valentine's, and clothing votes. If possible, please complete the form before it closes on Monday.

For more information on the party, our amazing room parent will be sending out an email soon!

Spelling Bee

We are extremely proud of our Spelling Bee participants. They both did a great job! I am so glad they were confident and brave enough to get up in front of those judges and represent 6th grade in the school Spelling Bee. Thank you!

100th Day of School

Talk about imagination! These kids have incredible skills. They came up with funny stories as they created their structures and I loved watching them accomplish all of their team cooperation goals. Each team had a bin with 25 of each item the kids brought in. They had 45 minutes to create a structure together and then share what they made. They have truly learned how to be a team and I was very proud of them. Happy 100 days!

Spring Picture Day Photo Shoot

We had a blast getting our pictures taken on Thursday. Kids making funny faces to get smiles from their classmates, watching the ladies moving arms to get the right pose, and a whole lot of laughter. Fun times! I'm excited to see their final products.

Jump Rope for Heart

Mr. T hosted our Jump Rope for Heart assembly on Friday. This was a way to pass out information about the fundraiser and raise awareness for a healthy heart. It reminded me of all the jumping I did as a kid. WOW...this program has been around for a long time. HA!

Your letters and flyers are in the Yellow Folders and here is a message from Mr. T:

"The Jump Rope for Heart event will take place from February 5th until February 25th. February 25th will be the final day of the event. Meaning all donations must be turned in by this date.

Money that comes in for a donation:

The only time that students should come and see me for Super Pup ($5 donation) is when they have their coupon clipped out and filled out from their packet saying they have received their $5 donation. The $5 does not come to me for me to hold onto. The $5 goes in their envelop and that envelope is turned in on the 25th.

Online donations:

I will be notified of any online donations. So if they are asking about the Ninja Star Pup, tell them that Mr. T will take care of their online donations and get them the Ninja Star Pup when he sees the online donation.

Other Dogs and Prizes:

I only have three of the six dogs. Super Pup ($5 donation with coupon), Ninja Star Pup (online donation), and Martia Muttly ($85 in online donations). All the other dogs must be ordered along with their other prizes, and they will receive them after the 25th."

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Calendar Reminders

  • Fri, Feb 12th - NO SCHOOL
  • Mon, Feb 15th - NO SCHOOL
  • Fri, Feb 19th - ECC
  • Tues, Feb 23rd & Wed, Feb 24th - CONFERENCES
  • Thurs, Feb 25th - End of 2nd Trimester
  • Fri, Feb 26th - NO SCHOOL