operations with fractions

a step by step instruction

steps by step with addition and subtraction

Step 1:find the common denominator of the fraction by multiplying the two denominator.

Step 2:and what ever you do with the denominator you have to do with the numerator

Step 3: now add the numerators but don't add the denominator

Step 4:simplify your answer by finding the least common multiple of the numerator and denominator.

Step 6:answer

You can also do the same thing with subtraction

Khon academy example below

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Step by step multiplying with fractions

Step 1:question

Step 2:multiply the numerator with the numerator and the denominator with the denominator

Step 3:simplify your answer

Step 4:answer

Now you now know how to multiply fractions.

Khon academy example below

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dividing fraction

Step 1:question

Step 2:Change division to multiplication sign

Step 3:flip the numerator and denominator of the last fraction

Step 4:multiply

Step 5:turn into a mixed fraction if needed and simplify

Step 6:answer

Now you know how to divide fractions

Khon academy example below

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With fractions

Adding and subtracting decimals


step 1:take out your decimals for now

Step 2:just add normally

Step 3:get your answer

Step 4:bring decimal straight down

Step 5:Done!

Khan academy and my example below

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subtracting decimals

Step 1:take the decimal out of the problem before you start.

Step 2:subtract

Step 3:bring decimal straight down

Step 4:answer :-)

khan academy and my example below

multiplying fractions

Step 1:Take decimal out of problem

Step 2:Multiply

Step 3:answer(almost)

Step 4:count how much the decimal is away from the least place value

Step 5:add the numbers in step number 4

Step 6:count how many numbers there are from the last place value in tell you get to the number you got in step number 5.

Step 7:add decimal

Step 8:answer

Khan academy and my example below

dividing decimals

Step 1:get the number that is outside the house and count how many digits there are to the right of the decimal and put the decimal as right as possible

Step 2:do the same thing as step1 but use the numbers to the right of the digit in step 1 and put it to the right with the number

Step 3:divide

Step 4:answer

Step 5:bring decimal right up.

Khan academy and my example below