Come to Mesopotamia

By: Aiden Powers and Nathan Hoerner

We Have The Settlements- Nathan Hoerner

War not peace- Aiden Powers

Our Land features

We are between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers so you'll know were to find us. We either have too much rain or too little rain. Our land is either flat and mushy or flat and dry.

Our Religion

We give food every day to honor our gods that live in the Ziggurat that we built. We honor seven gods. We are a monarchy so we put all the power into one person with his opinions. At first the priest ruled the the city states became a monarchy. Only people with special authority can enter the Ziggurat.

Our Achievements

We made,founded, and created lots of things. We crafted the wheel,chariots,sailboat,plow,calendars,and the potters wheel. We founded the first form of writing; cuneiform. We also founded the first library.

Our government/politics

We are are a self governing city. We were the first civilization.

Our Economy

We traded jewelry,weapons,pottery,and other goods with each other for our money source.

Our Social Structure

The people at the top have good jobs and most of them work for the government.

The people at the middle are farmers, fishermen,traders,etc.

The people at the bottom are enslaved.