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Tips for Success, Volume 4, July 2020

July is Leadership Month!

We are dedicating this volume to School Counselor Leadership. School counselors contribute to systemic change by advocating for equity and access for all students. School Counselors close information, opportunity and attainment gaps by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that supports and benefits K-12 students throughout the continuum with academic, social/emotional and career development. As we get ready to reopen our schools in the Fall, I want School Counselors to be reminded that you are school leaders and vital members of the educational system. This newsletter will focus on leadership, empowerment and school counselor appreciation.

Celebrating Our Orange County Super Stars!

2020 K-12 School Counselor Award Recipients

Kyle Sivcovich - Horace Mann Elementary

Jacqueline Gallardo-Hoffmaster - Robert C. Fisler Elementary (K-8)

Darwin Vega - Capistrano Valley High School

2020 School Counselor Advocate Award Recipients

Katy Castellanos - Santa Ana Unified School District

Shirley Diaz - Anaheim Elementary School District

Note: Due to safety and CDC recommendations, the 2020 Orange County Symposium is canceled. However, we are planning a virtual celebration and keynote speaker for the Fall of 2020. Please submit your ideas and interest for topics here.

Thank You: School Counselors Make a Difference

Transformative Leadership

Guidance Counselors or School Counselors?

Journal: Guidance Counselors or School Counselors: How the Name of the Profession Influences Perceptions of Competence

Interchangeable use of Guidance Counselor and School Counselor is creating confusion and impacting the credibility of the profession, when its own members cannot agree on the title representing the profession.

"In 1990, ASCA issued an official statement calling on the profession to change the title to 'school counselor' rather than the previous title of 'guidance counselor,' believing that this term no longer encompassed the broad scope of work that was done by the professionals in schools (Zyromski1, Hudson, Baker1 & Haag Granello, 2019).

Transformative School Counselor Leadership

Journal: Transformative School Counselor Leadership: An Intrinsic Case Study

"Change and transformation are different. Change is temporary (rearranging furniture in a room), while transformation is permanent (caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly)" (Shields, Dollarhide, Young, 2018).

8 Key Ideas Are Introduced:

1. A mandate for deep and equitable change

2. Need to deconstruct knowledge and frameworks that perpetuate inequity and injustice

3. Need to address the inequitable distribution of power

4. Emphasis to consider both private and public good

5. Focus on emancipation, democracy, equity and justice

6. Emphasis on interconnectedness, interdependence, and global awareness

7. Balancing critique with promise

8. Call to exhibit moral courage

Mod 9 Video 2: The Counselor as a Leader of Students

Enhancing the Principal & School Counselor Relationship

Leadership is “a process whereby individuals influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2016).

"School leadership has a greater impact, when it is widely distributed" (Leithwood, Harris, & Hopkins, 2008).

“Build a culture that positively influences teachers, who, in turn, positively influence students” (Marzano, 2005).

College Board Toolkit

NASP: Administrator and School Counselor Collaboration

Guides focus on strengthening these areas:

1. Communication

2. Trust/Respect

3. Leadership

4. Collaborative Planning

NEW! School Counselor Resources

Connecting the Dots Documents

Introducing our newest documents, ilumminating the role of the School Counselor in its various facets!

CA MTSS School Counselor Website

Find a wealth of resources related to CA MTSS and the role of the School Counselor.

Professional Digital Learning

Learn at your own pace! Review information presented at previous conferences

Online School Counselor Modules: CA MTSS

Learn at your own pace and earn CEUs. Partnership with Hatching Results

MTMDSS Samples & Templates

OCDE & Hatching Results partnered to bring you step by step guides to help you build/ enhance your Comprehensive School Counseling Program!

CASEL: SEL Roadmap for Reopening School

Reunite, Renew, Thrive: Social Emotional Learning Roadmap for Reopening School

School Counselors: How their work is making a difference in California - Presented by CASC

Culturally & Linguistically Relevant Teaching

In light of recent events and a renewed focus on equity in education, OCDE is offering a culturally and linguistically relevant teaching series. This series endeavors to align best practices in culturally and linguistically relevant teaching with the guidelines on universal design for learning, the social emotional learning competencies, and inclusive behavioral instruction.

This series will be a self-paced online course with scheduled live virtual meetings for discussion and further learning after each content module. This series is going to be invaluable as the battle for equity continues and we begin the next school year with a renewed focus on cultural and linguistic relevance. The cost is only $115 and includes two incredible books! This flyer has more information about dates and registration.

Register at:

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