The Holidays Are Here!

November team newsletter, tidbits, kudos and incentives!

The Best Selling Season of the Year!!!

Dear Fabulous Team!

It's November 1st and we all have six weeks to rock the Holiday Season and make the most of the best selling season of the year. By booking trunk shows in tight and meeting new potential hostesses and stylists, you will be setting yourselves up to start the 2014 year STRONG!!!! It's all about how you use your time, and how you leverage this Stella & Dot business with all of the other crazy stuff you all have going on in your lives. What I'd like to remind you of: This business is MADE for busy women! I mean . . . we are ALL multi-taskers, right? You probably know your schedules for the next three months - so that should make it SUPER easy to figure out what 4 days this month and next, that you'll have free to hold trunk shows. Right? That's really the foundation of your business - (say an hour in the morning or even two at night) - you can make this work - if you want to. Get the "buy in" from your spouse or significant other, let them know that your business and your independence is important to you, let them know that you have a goal and are going to meet it and let those people that are important to you know - that you have a goal! Let them help you get there!!! Plus, you are all such super-women and I have so much confidence in how great your all are!!! You can DO this and I will be right here to support you along the way!

Check out what November holds for you and let me know how I can help you brainstorm and be there for you to help you build your businesses!!! I am so lucky to have you all on my team - I love you all and am here for you for whatever you may need!



November Trunk Show Exclusives!

What a GREAT way to Book Trunk Shows for November!

Let your potential hostesses know that if their guests, spend $50, they get 50% off all of these fabulous Holiday gifts and sparkly items! They can stock up on Hostess gifts, Stocking Stuffers, and a little something for themselves!

Big image

And don't forget about the Holiday Hostess Exclusives!!!

Big image
This is a great booking incentive for your potential hostesses and stylists. Always be thinking out of the box to see you how you can enhance another woman's life with the gift of Stella & Dot!!! What a gift!!!

Buy One - Gift One! Honor our brave women in the Military Nov. 6-12!

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Do you have friends or relatives in the military? This was a fabulous promotion that Stella & Dot offered last year that rewards women in the military and wives, daughters and mom's with sons in the military with gifts from Stella & Dot! This is a wonderful way to honor those that serve - so think about who you know, and book a trunk show (or more) around this great promotion!!!

Trunk Show Booking Images

Find these booking images in the lounge under November Tools! Use these images on your Facebook pages, send them to your potential hostesses in your emails, along with the November Trunk Show Treasures to get your Trunk Show Pipeline filled for the Holidays!!! Do you want me to help you brainstorm other ideas???? Please reach out to me! This is why I am here for you and it's what I do!!! I have seven trunk shows booked for November - I'm looking for 5 more hostesses. I have four trunk shows booked for December - I am looking for six more hostesses!!! I'll be sending them these booking images as well as reaching out by phone! VERY IMPORTANT!!! When all else seems like it's not working - just pick up the phone and call!!! What's the worst thing that you can hear? No? Well, OK - then fine and move on! This is YOUR season girlies! Go for it!!!

Ready, Set, Gift!!!

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What a great way to add on to your trunk show sales. Not only do you have the November trunk show treasures - Spend $50, get 50% off fabulous items, but this is a great way for people to be able to stock up on stocking stuffers for kids, grandkids, nieces, hostess gifts, etc. Make sure that you have this pdf displayed at all of your trunk shows and make it a part of your "check out chat". And don't forget to mention that by hosting a trunk show themselves, that they can get so much more for free! I literally mention hosting a trunk show to EVERY SINGLE person that I am checking out. I then make notes to follow up!

And NOW . . . some KUDOS!!!

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Amanda and her co-workers at her bank on Halloween!

So Amanda is in the leopard print cat suit! Let's give her a big SHOUT OUT for reaching over $1,800 in retail sales in October! You ROCK leopard lady!!!

Let's Talk November Incentives!

What are your goals?

So what I want to know is - what are you going to do to ROCK you holiday selling season? We basically have the next six weeks of the BEST SELLING SEASON OF THE YEAR! So WHAT are you going to do to make sure that you have set yourselves up to reap the rewards and to set yourselves up for 2014????

I have offered an Ipad for anyone who can reach the $2,308 (1,500 PCV) retail selling point each month to be entered to win the Ipad. So far . . . nada! So that offer is still out there. I have also offered that anyone who qualifies (sell $500 retail) will be eligible to get the Lily Pullitzer 18 month agenda - Hello????? What am I missing? How am I failing you team???? These incentives are still out there and available - so go for it!!

And Finally . . . We need a team name!

Our team is expanding and growing and we need to have a "Team Name"! I will create a Facebook group for our team so that it is easier to comment and communicate along with the Team Gemtourage page that we are already a part of. I am going to hold a 7 day competition - please submit your ideas for a great team name for our group and the winner will receive a Statement Piece of their choice from the Spring 2014 Collection! Some ideas of other team names are the Southern Charms, or the Bold & Beautifuls. This team name should have something to do with jewelry/accessories and be clever and fun. Submit as many team names that you can think of by Saturday, November 9th and I will pick one and declare the winner on Sunday, November 10th. READY . . . SET . . . GO!!!!!

Barbie Cottrell - Star Stylist with Stella & Dot

I am your fearless leader. I want you all to succeed in your Stella & Dot business and I want you to know that however Stella & Dot works into your busy lives, that it is YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR WAY! I am here to help you in any way that I can - so always feel free to reach out to me!