Academic Planning

Poway High School 2021-2022

Planning for the New School Year

The time has come to start preparing for the 2021-22 School Year. In this newsletter, you will find the information you need to fill out a Course Request Form (CRF) and enter your class requests online. Use the information below to aid in the process as you complete the CRF to the best of your ability. Starting in March and going through April, the Counselors will meet with each current 9th-11th grade student during class to review their course selections. If needed, changes can be made at this time, but require parent approval.

Important Dates

2/1-2/5/21 - Students watch CRF Presentation in 3rd Period Classes

2/10/21 - Engineering Info Night, 7:00 pm, ZOOM

Meeting ID: 941 8447 6072

Passcode: 231959

2/12/21 - Agricultural Pathway Info Night, 6:30 pm, ZOOM

Meeting ID: 935 6545 7368

Passcode: 813782

2/15/21 - Portal Opens to input Course Requests Online

2/25/21 - AP European History Info Session, 6:00 pm

Meeting ID: 940 9947 3542
Passcode: 583234

2/26/21 - CRFs are Due/Portal Closes to Input Course Requests Online

3/22-4/10/21 - Individual Student Audits during class time

Course Request Process

Step 1 - Review CRF Information, Graduation Requirements, and Course History

Students will watch a presentation with instructions the week of February 1 in their 3rd period classes. You can find academic planning tools and the Course Request Forms (CRFs) on our website here. Students can get their Course History by logging into Synergy from their MyPLAN dashboard.

Review materials carefully and make sure your student has completed required courses with a D or higher (for graduation) or C or higher (for UC/CSU A-G requirements). You can also find a copy of the CRFs and graduation and UC/CSU A-G Requirements later in this newsletter.

Step 2 - Complete CRF Worksheet

Complete the CRF worksheet following the instructions below. Be sure to choose classes carefully and provide alternatives to elective choices. Once you have completed the worksheet, make a copy of it, or take a picture of it so you can reference it in the future.

Step 3 - Enter Course Requests Online

Using the course numbers on your completed CRF Worksheet, log into the CRF Online Registration Portal any time between February 15 and February 26 and enter each of your course requests online. Only click the Lock Selections button when you have entered all selections. Once locked, you will not be able to make changes online. You can find instructions for this process below.

Step 4 - Turn In CRF Worksheet

Once you have completed steps 1-3, make sure your CRF Worksheet is signed, with all identifying information legibly written. You may return the CRF in one of the following options: 1) Drop off your CRF in the Main Office at your convenience. 2) Drop off your CRF during textbook drop-off March 10 thru 12. 3) Submit a scanned pdf copy of your CRF to the following email:

Step 5 - CRF Audits

In March and April, the Counselors will meet with each student during class time to audit the courses selected and make sure the student is on track to meet their goals. If you have any questions or want to make any changes to your selections, this is the time for students to voice their concerns with their counselor.

You will pick up a list of courses for your student at Registration the week before school starts in August.

How to Access Course History

Students can access their Course History online in Synergy. Visit the following link for instructions:

Counselor Zoom Office Hours

Counselors will be holding open office hours via Zoom, February 2nd through 12th during Student Lunch

A - Em: Christy Brown
Meeting ID: 996 396 6286
Password: 144646

En - Lea: Jerrah Smith

Meeting ID: 607 490 9080

Password: 9srqr8

Leb - Ra: Blanca Arreguin

Meeting ID: 985 7181 7336

Passcode: 986605

Rb - Z: Jerilyn Padua Reyes

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 218 147 1203

Passcode: 5i6NTZ

Key Terms to Understand

CRF (Course Request Form)
The CRF (Course Request Form) is a grade-specific sheet that every student fills out. This form lists the classes students can take during the next school year. We try to accommodate students' preferences, but no elective or off-roll courses are guaranteed. For this reason, please select 3 alternate options on any elective selections. We ask for student and parent signatures to ensure we are all on the same page academically. AP and Honors courses also require a Teacher signature. Note: if the student is planning to move, and won't be attending PHS next year, they should still complete the CRF process as if they will be here. The CRF colors are as follows: 9th Grade - Green, 10th Grade - Pink, 11th Grade - Blue, 12th Grade - Yellow.

AP Agreement
We ask all our students requesting AP courses to turn in an AP Agreement with student and parent signature. This Agreement is an acknowledgement that you are aware of the extra time and effort required of these courses and that the student is making a year-long commitment that includes the AP Seminar course. You can find the AP Agreement here. One AP Agreement covers ALL AP classes, so each student only needs one.

Application/Try Out

Some classes will note that an application or try out is required for entrance to the class. For these classes see the teacher who oversees the class, or for Academic Tutor, request the application from your counselor at your CRF audit.

Master Schedule
The Master Schedule is a schedule of all the classes we offer. It is designed based upon enrollment numbers and the course requests we get from students. We re-build the master schedule every year because the number of students and demand for classes change. We start building the schedule as soon as we find out projected enrollment numbers, but it is not finalized until just before the school year starts in August as we try to accommodate student requests and enrollment changes.

Off Roll
Some students will find that they prefer to lighten their load for various reasons, such as sports, jobs, or other activities. These students can choose an Off Roll period in which they do not attend a class. Students are able to request which trimester and period (1st or 5th) they would prefer. However, because Off Roll periods are secondary to Academic and Elective classes, Off Rolls will be granted where course selections allow. Some students will end up with Off Roll periods in the middle of the day or in a different trimester to accommodate their courses.

5.5 Classes

Some students would like to enrich their education by taking additional courses. 5.5 classes are offered before or after school for a portion of each trimester. You can usually find the 5.5 schedule of classes the second week of a trimester. 5.5 classes have a possibility of 2.5 credits each. To sign up for a 5.5 class, go to the teacher of the 5.5 class and request a contract.

CTE Courses

CTE stands for Career Technical Education. Our CRF now features a CTE Section, so that students are better able to see the CTE Career Pathways we offer on our campus. CTE courses will only be listed with the CTE course offerings. However, CTE courses can fulfill various A-G requirements. For example Digital Media Production is a Visual Performing Arts course, which meets the “F” category of the A-G requirements. And Sustainable Ag-Biological Approach is a Biology Science course, which meets the “D” category of the A-G requirements. Please review the CTE course offerings to ensure you know your possible options.

Academic Planning Tools

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Elective Fair and Info Nights

For students who are not sure what they might like to take for their electives, we have a couple of ways for them to explore their options. The Electives Fair has gone digital this year. Please visit the website here for descriptions and presentations from teachers.

Also, there are a couple Informational Nights you should watch out for. See the flyers below.

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For students who would like to participate in school sports, more information can be found on the Athletics page of our website here. They will have the information you need for Physicals, PE Waivers, and the Ticket to Play.

PHS Counseling


A - Em: Christy Brown

En - Lea: Jerrah Smith

Leb - Ra: Blanca Arreguin

Rb - Z: Jerilyn Padua-Reyes

Intervention and CTE: Karly Wardwell

Student Services: Sharon Struck

Support Staff

Counseling Assistant: Jodie Hughes

Career and Guidance Technician: Jaime Brown

Registrar: Michelle Bourget

Scheduler: Barbara Longworth