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What's new in our community?


Everything!! If you haven't signed up yet, I highly recommend you do. This is the first year I have fully understood the value in this tool. We are learning, sharing, thinking like crazy on this! Please, if you haven't signed up yet, take a minute and do so. Checking in on your child's account each week will put you in real-time learning (as we frequently post throughout the day about things we are studying). They engage in thoughtful conversations, share articles/research they find relevant to our learning, , I post essential questions, study guides, and review videos/powerpoints that will GREATLY support your child's learning and communicating in the classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will gladly make myself available to help you understand it's awesomeness!

How do Communities Around the World Help Make their Environment a Better Place?

This week we started meeting with our first grade reading buddies! This has been a GREAT experience; we have integrated units both classes are studying to come up with central idea and question: How do Communities Around the World Help Make their Environment a Better Place? Your kids have done a GREAT job researching this. They have been very thoughtful in their findings and posting them on EDMODO has made it great for us all to be aware of the communities we are exploring. We will continue to research, critique, create, and publish a book for our first grade buddies! Please stay tuned for this great action your learners are taking!

Our Week In Photos...


Math - Probability! We will work on understanding and creating probability situations. Don't forget to visit for extra practice!

Social Studies/Science -

  • Native Biome Brochures - almost finished!
  • Understanding the Election Process - WE VOTE! (ask your fourth grader about this special school-wide project they will be heading up!
  • Explorers - what makes people explore? (motivation of the major early explorers).

ELA - We continue to use informational text features to help us be more "aware" readers. If you haven't already, please ask your child about the articles they are reading and responding to for homework. These integrate with science and include beautiful pictures that the kids really enjoy learning from!

V.I.D's (very important dates)

Wednesday, October 10 - Late Start

November 7th - Fourth Grade Swimming Begins (more to come on this later).

Wednesday, November 14th - Late Start

Wednesday, February 6th - Late Start

Friday, February 8th - Field Trip (Classic Play Production - Charlotte, NC)

Wednesday, March 13th - Late Start

Wednesday, April 24th - Late Start