¡Pop Latino!

A little background on Pop Latino.

  • It is played all over the world and is most commonly listened to in Spanish speaking countries such as Spain.
  • Pop Latino is pop music with a latin influence.
  • Most everyone listens to this type of music, but it is at most popularity with spanish speaking people.
  • It originates from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Romania, Latin America, Latin Asia, and the Philippines. It originated in the mid 1960’s by a bandleader named Sergio Mendes.
  • Latin pop is the most popular form of latin music, and during the 1990‘s, latin pop was very successful when coming to the U.S.
  • Latin pop was affected by the other styles of music, production techniques, and latin clubs started playing this style.

What does latin pop consist of?

  • Latin pop music has a latin influence and is sung in spanish, latin, Portuguese French, Italian, and other languages.
  • Pop Latino music uses a variety of different instruments depending on the artist. Vocals are normally sung in spanish, but can also be sung in Latin, Portuguese, French, and Italian.
  • Pop Latino is sung around the world. It is used in festivals, clubs, and spanish language audiences.
  • Pop Latino is not normally sung in costumes, but costumes depend on the artist singing.
  • There is no specific dance for this type of music.

Who sings this type of music?

  • Some of the most famous artists associated with this music are Selena, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin.

Where is this music today?

Pop Latino is on the radio all the time. Newer artists including Shakira and Enrique Iglesias can be heard on some of the most popular music stations.

Where will pop latino go in the future?

Like any type of music, it depends on who the next top singer is. If they sing pop latino music, then this music will most likely grow in popularity. If not, then it could always become less popular.