OASC Newsletter

Ohio Association of Student Councils, October 2017

The Ohio Association of Student Councils is an organization dedicated to the teaching of leadership skills, organizational skills, and people skills valuable to the members and officers of all student organizations!

Looking Back... Leadership at the Point!

300 of Ohio's finest student leaders gathered at Cedar Point in on Sunday, September 24th for Leadership at the Point! This year's theme was "Blast to the past, and into the future!"

Students rotated through various decade stations and collaborated with peers in fun, interactive and silly games that showed OASC never goes out of style - it's CLASSIC!

Several delegates won gift cards to spend inside the park & then enjoyed an afternoon filled with fun, rides, laughter and quality time with their friends from home schools or friends they made at Summer Workshop! We look forward to seeing you at "Leadership at the Island" back at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio next fall!

Middle Level Madness, Eastern Heights Middle School, October 21st, 2017, Elyria, Ohio

OASC is excited to introduce this brand new event designed especially for our Middle School members! Eastern Heights Middle School in Elyria, Ohio will be our host for this single-day conference that will include plenty of interaction and hands-on learning activities.

This is an ideal event for someone who is new to our organization, as well as for

those looking to continue their learning and reunite with friends! The programming is appropriate for any middle school student interested in improving the skills necessary to get involved and truly make a difference.

Schools are encouraged to bring a bus load - any number of middle school students may attend!

- Registration opens at 9:30 AM, with programming beginning at 10:00 AM

- Middle Level Madness will conclude at 3 PM

- All students (member & non-member schools) can take advantage of the $20.00 registration fee

- Advisers and adult chaperones are invited to attend at no cost!

- Registration deadline is October 13th at 4:00 p.m.

Click here for more information or to register your school today!

Our final event of the fall season is our Fall Retreat! This year's fall retreat theme is Communication. Come spend a weekend at rustic Camp Willson, meeting student leaders from other schools, and making new friends who also help create positive changes in their hometowns.

- There is both middle level and senior high programming offered separately at this event!

- Cost is $60/person & includes the cost of programming, dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday & their overnight stay.

- Registration closes on October 27th, or whenever retreat fills! (We've filled to capacity the last 2 years prior to the deadline, so register today in order to reserve your spot!)

Click here for more information!


Winter & Spring Dates!

Here are the dates for our winter & spring programming! While we will have more complete and updated information in the following months, we want you to mark your calendars now!

If you are new to OASC, you can read more about these events under our "Past Events" tab on our website to get a better idea of what each event can offer the students you send to us! As we move closer to 2018, we will update the descriptions on our website to reflect the details & dates for 2018!

Student Council & NHS Day with the Columbus Blue Jackets - TBD

Winter Retreat 2018 - Proctor Center, London Ohio - March 10, 11

State Conference 2018 - Fort Jennings High School, Fort Jennings Ohio - April 26, 27, 28

Monthly Motivation

Feeling overwhelmed, down, or stressed? Watch this 3 minute clip on how to increase your inner strength by choosing to be RESILIENT!


Nimanthi Ranatunga - OASC State Board Senior High Representative

Nimanthi Ranatunga is from the city of Mason, Ohio, and is currently a senior at Mason High School. She has been a competitive swimmer for thirteen years, and is at the pool more than she is at home! Her least favorite foods are boneless chicken wings and cereal. Her hobbies include playing with her pet dog (Champ), traveling around the globe, reading, spending time with friends and family, and attending OASC events of course :) Nimanthi hopes to see all of you at events during this fall season!

Students can nominate their advisor for OASC's Advisor of the Year Award that is presented at State Conference in April. Advisors - you also have the opportunity to nominate an Administrator of the Year if you have tremendous support from an administrator in your school or district!

Applications must be submitted by January 1st to be considered for this award at the 2018 State Conference!

Advisor of the Year Nomination Form

Administrator of the Year Nomination Form

Candy Corn’s Leadership Lessons

Holidays are often associated with a particular candy. Christmas has candy canes, Valentine's Day has those little heart candies, Easter has Cadbury Creme Eggs, and Halloween has candy corn. These yellow, orange, and white striped, corn-kernel-shaped treats were popularized in the 1880s. Today, more than 35 million pounds (or 9 billion pieces) of candy corn are produced each year.

There aren’t many products with the staying power to get more popular over the course of 140 years. So when we find them, there’s surely a leadership lesson to be learned.

Here are a few:

The recipe has not changed

Candy corn is basically the same as it was since the turn of the century. With the exception of a few minor ingredients, what we are eating today is the same as the cowboys of the Old West, the soldiers of World War I, and our great, great grandparents.

In today’s business climate, “old” is often considered to be a bad thing. We see this whenever a political candidate peddles change or a new leader joins a company tasked with creating an agenda of transformative initiatives. While necessary, there is value in maintaining the core beliefs of the organization. We can taut branding and re-branding efforts, but don’t lose sight that these are ways to package the company, not make widespread modifications to your principles, i.e. your original recipe.

Candy corn is the only candy in the history of America that’s never been advertised. And there’s a reason — all of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911.—Lewis Black

Don't stop rebranding

While it’s important to maintain your core essence, this does not mean you should remain stagnant. At one time, candy corn was sold as “Chicken Feed.” Changing the name to candy corn did not change its quintessence, it only made it more appetizing.

Additionally, remaining true to its tri-color design (which was considered revolutionary for its time) and shape (which was originally intended to entice the agrarian population of the early 1900's) has led to an expansion of the product. You can now purchase “Reindeer Corn” (red/green) for Christmas, “Cupid Corn” (red/pink) for Valentine’s Day, and “Freedom Corn” (red/white/blue) for July 4th.

Creativity is key

Besides renovating your product or service to expand your offerings, there are a number of instances where you can repurpose into completely different markets. Did you know you can order a Candy Corn Cordial cocktail made with vodka, orange liqueur, and floating candy corn for garnish? What about a Candy Corn Bagel topped with a marshmallow chocolate chip spread?

Candy corn is a staple for the fall season. Whether or not you like it, it’s been around for a long time and has no foreseeable decline. Embrace it’s tri-color leadership lessons. Retain consistency while constantly renovating. Explore innovative ways to grow your base through tweaks and reimagined uses. And always strive to be the candy pumpkin in the bag of candy corn…you know it's the best.


David Kahn, PhD is a Leadership Strategist focused on delivering business solutions that link workforce strategies, culture and engagement with the business goals of the organization. You can also read more of David’s posts at leadersayswhat.com

Returning advisors - renew your membership today if you have not done so already! Follow this link to complete the membership form and you will receive an electronic invoice to your email for your treasurer.

For new schools or interested schools - membership in OASC is by school. When your school joins, your student council becomes a member and receives price breaks for all of our events throughout the year. Member schools are also able to attend OASC's annual State Conference which is being hosted by Ft. Jennings High School April 26, 27 & 28th!

Some advisors expressed the desire to "contribute" more to our membership funds in addition to the $50 membership fee. Therefore, the OASC Executive Board adopted a special membership program with four separate tiers for advisors wishing to further support OASC. If your high school or middle school student council is not a member of OASC, join today!

Save the date for Summer Workshops 2018!

Sunday, June 17th 2018 at 1pm

Ohio, Kentucky & West Virginia

Save the dates for Summer Workshop now!

OASC partners with the iBELIEVE Foundation to offer 5 different calendar weeks at multiple college campuses of summer workshop programming! Summer workshop is a 5 day, 4 night summer camp opportunity for student leaders in the middle level program (entering grades 7-9) and the senior high program (entering grades 10-12). These summer programs encourage the development of leadership skills, improves understanding of setting and achieving worthy goals, and inspires young leaders to accept challenges and responsibilities, so they may return to their communities with knowledge, convictions and understanding which will empower them to better all they encounter. Our summer programming also facilitates life long connections between student leaders from all over the state of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and most recently, Kentucky.

We hope you will come to workshop with a desire and the spirit to learn, to try new things, and to share your talents, ideas, and feelings with others. If you do that, we promise you will leave with more information than you ever thought you could remember, with more new friends than you thought you could make, and with a feeling that you can make a positive difference in your school, community, and in the lives of the people you know!

The cost of workshop is $300/delegate. This includes the program materials in addition to room & board for the 5 days at workshop. While scholarships are available, we know this can be a large investment of money for many families - so we want you to start planning now so you can join us in the summer of 2018! Most students describe their experience as unforgettable, life changing, inspiring, motivating and "one of the best weeks" of their lives. We hope to see you at one of TEN workshops being offered!

Registration will open in early 2018 - stay tuned for updates!

June 17-21, 2018

June 24-28, 2018

July 8-12, 2018

July 15-19, 2018

July 22-26, 2018

Check out this Summer Workshop video made by Max Leu, a member of the iBELIEVE staff!