The Smore Flyer.

By: J'Asia Mackie

Hiroshima Facts and Information

Hiroshima is located in Japan, it is known as the "Peace City". But in 1945, the city was targeted and bombed by the U.S, killing over a hundred and forty thousand people.

1,000 Cranes Of Hope

The one thousand cranes of hope was a tradition from Japan and it was someone making origami cranes for people who are sick with Cancer and it will help support them.

The Story of The Peace Crane

The peace crane was about a little girl from Japan who later contracted Leukemia after the bombing of Hiroshima. She was told an old tale that if she could make one thousand cranes should would get better; she made a thousand cranes, but later died of the disease. A golden statue of Sadako was made while she was holding a crane in memory of her and the other kids that died during that war.