Board Report

December, 2021 Edition

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Energizer Bunny, Shining Star, and Spirit Award Recognitions

Nominated by Michael Bell, Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, and School Library Media

The December Energizer Bunny award winner was Rick Strittmater, Executive Director of the Queen Anne’s County Centre for the Arts. Mr. Strittmater has been a strong supporter of the arts community within Queen Anne's County Public Schools. Thank you for your support Mr. Strittmater!

The December Shining Star was Kimberly Adams. Kim has been a steady rock to the entire department. She goes above and beyond, often over late nights, on weekends, literally – doing whatever it takes, immersing herself in her job in order to keep the entire ship moving forward as efficiently as possible. Congrats to Kim on this well deserved award!

The December Spirit Award Winners were the QACPS Performing Arts Teachers: Monica White, BES, Amy Benfield, CES, Patricia Halliday, CHES, Jamie Dean, GES, Windy Broadwater, KES, Erika Nockengost, KIES, Brayden Buie, MES, Jan Whalen, SES, Kassidy Bowman, CMS, Beryl Eismeier, CMS (LTS), Heather Fullerton, CMS, Sarah Burrall, MMS, Michael Collins, MMS, Andrew MacIntire, STMS, Heather Efland, STMS, Ron Demby, SMS, Betsy Babylon, SMS, Eric Wright, QACHS, Luke Whitehair, QACHS, Michael Ranelli, QACHS (LTS), Megan Murphy, QACHS, Theatre, Kristen Tyler, QACHS, Dance, Kim Mogensen, KIHS, Reanna Sherman, KIHS, Kevin Reagan, KIHS, Theatre, Amber Wright, KIHS, Dance.

This wonderful group of teachers have stepped up and created opportunities for students to perform again in front of the public. These teachers have taken on immense challenges to ensure our programs are seen and heard, and made it possible for our students to Sing, Dance, Act, March, and compete in Band again. Congratulations to all of our Performing Arts Teachers, and thank you for your hard work and dedication!

November Spotlight

Dr. Saelens presented the November Spotlight to shine a light on some of the exciting activities that took place at each of our schools throughout the month of November.



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Policy 602 - Advanced Placement Programs

Bridget Passyn, Supervisor of Reading, Language Arts, and English, presented revised Policy 602 , Advanced Placement Programs, to the Board. This proposed policy will be placed on our website to allow for feedback from the community.

Summary Expenditure Report

Jane Towers, Chief Financial Officer, presented the Summary Expenditure Report to the Board.

Detail Expenditure Report

Jane Towers, Chief Financial Officer, presented the Detail Expenditure Report to the Board.


School Health Policy 531

The Board approved updates to School Health Policy 531.

GEERS-II Grant, Initiative 3: Outdoor Exploration

The Board approved the Contract with Becker Morgan Group to provide professional services to develop Prototype Outdoor Classrooms for our 14 schools.

Modification of the 2021-2022 School Year Calendar

The Queen Anne's County Board of Education approved the modification of the 2021-2022 school year calendar as follows: December 22, 2021, March 4, 2022, March 18, 2022, April 14, 2022, and May 27, 2022 are adjusted from full days to half days.

Employee Stipend Grants

The Board is requesting a grant from the Queen Anne's County Commissioners to fund employee stipends. The Commissioners will vote on this pending grant request on December 14, 2021.

Skyline Technology Solutions Contract Approval

The Board approved the contract with Skyline Technology Solutions for security cameras, access controls, and A-Phones in an amount exceeding $25,000.00, Budget Source FY2022 Operating Budget, and Maryland Center For School Safety Grants.

2022 Ford Transit Connect STB Purchase Approval

The Board approved the purchase of a 2022 Ford Transit Connect STD from Apple Ford in the amount of $25,946.40, Budget Source ESSER II. This vehicle will be used for food services.

W.B. Mason Contract Approval

The Board approved the contract with W.B. Mason to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Queen Anne's County Public Schools, Fiscal Impact Amount over $25,000.00, Budget Source ESSER II.

Raintree Services Contract Approval

The Board approved the contract with Raintree Services to provide leak investigation services, caulking, roof repairs, preventive maintenance, inspections, and coating of the roofing systems for all Queen Anne's County Public School buildings.

QACPS Board Meeting Dec. 1 2021