Elementary Curriculum News

November 2015 Edition

Unconferencing - See you there!

Anchor Charts on Parade

Thank you to all who have been sharing and using such amazing anchor charts to help our young writers. They are all fabulous and well-suited for your students' needs. A random lottery drawing for the prize of a post-it style chart-paper pad and a pack of colored sharpies tells us the winner is . . . Joan Keegan!

Hot Tip: Notice Joan's use of a skirt hanger to hang the chart and move it around for her learners - nice!

Big image

Here are some other really nice close reading charts from runners up Kelly Halpern and Kathleen Blake:

Big image

From Mitch Bickman & Dan Keegan:

Thanks for your participation in the Social Studies Toolkit workshops. Many of you have reached out about how excited you are to begin the work of using Inquiry Design Methods in your classroom. Please see the below newsletter developed by Mitch and Dan to support this work.

Math Strategy Spotlight - Subitizing

Subitizing is the ability to quickly identify the number of items in a small set without counting. Researchers have demonstrated a strong relationship between subitizing skill and math achievement including a recent study with over 500 kindergarten students.

Playing games involving dice or dominoes can be so beneficial for students developing number sense.

Subitizing Made Easy!

Math Strategy Spotlight - Sprints

Sprint Demo

How to Give a Math Sprint - Directions

Reading A-Z

If you would like a Reading A-Z account, please reach out to me via email (jwkeegan@oceansideschools.org) and I will gladly set you up with this resource.

Residencies in the Schools

Starting in November, I will be starting "residencies" in each of the schools on one day of every month. Please reach out to book a time with me, stop by the computer lab (which I'll use as an office on this day), or invite me to your classroom. Although I may still need to travel within the district on any given day for appointments, my intention is to be available within each of the buildings regularly.

November Residency Schedule:

11/6 - School #3

11/9 - School #8

11/12 - School # 5

11/19 - School #2

11/20 - School #4

11/25 - School #6

11/20 - School #9E

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