percy jackson

the lightning theif

who is percy?

percy is a modern day half-blood or demi god staring in 9 BOOKS and 2 movies (there still working on the 3rd). son of poisiden (god of the sea) he can contorall water which saves his live many times his other powers include: abillity to breathe under water and withstand much greater water presser the the average human he grows more powerfull the closer to water he is he only gets wet if he wants to he gets healed by water. he is named after the greek half blood persos the ONLY half blood with a happy ending ever other greek myth has the demi god DYING no sry DIEING yeah there we go DIEING. but in the the last book everwon thinks percy is going to die as the great profice if you dont want spoiler alert skip the next sentance but it says "heros soul cursed blade shall reap." makeing everyone think percy will DIE but i won't go any more off topic percy was a troubled kid who finds out he is half god when he is 12 by that time though he had already been followed for years by monsters both good and bad in this book percy's only freind is grover who is a syter half goat half human he was sent by chiron (look him up)
who is a centor half horse half human known in percy's school as mr.brunner (percy's favorite teacher) percy never met his father before he finishes his quest.
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how it began

the story kicks off with percy describing himself and the first scene is him on a 6th grade feild trip the school bully pelting his best (and only) freind with chunks of penutbutter sandwhich


things started to get weird when his least favorite teacher mrs. dodds took him into the back room of the museum and get this turned into a monster and after mr. brunner throws him riptide for the first time and percy kills monster dodds nowon can remember mrs.dodds! (execpt maybe grover but he acts like he dosent either)

rising action

soon (not long after percy got home) percy and his mom went to the beach on there way there they were attacked by a minoutor as percy grover and sally (percy's mom) ran for there life's sally told percy how to defeat the minoutor but it cought sally (which really started percy's quest) and made denigrate into golden dust percy drags grover (who is extremly hunger) into camp half-blood were they are safe


percy goes through the whole fortuneteller-like-thing were he talks to the orecal and gives him a quest to find the equevlent of the-ultment-weapon-of-doom aka zueses master then he gets 2 gifts one from his father he gets riptide which chiron had been holding for him and flying shoes from luke he sets out with annabeth and grover first he fights the 3 furys on a bus (one being mrs.dodds of course) then literally THE of all which might have been the most 2nd important battle in the bookbecause of what he learns after falling in the river then he battles many more monsters and learns much more about greek mytholigy (greek myths)

falling action

percy finds out that hades dident have the bolt that luke gave it to ares!!! then they battle (percy wins of course)


percy finds ares they fight on a beach percy wins!!!! (barely) then he turns in the master bolt game over book done the end percy wins on to sea of monsters

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