The Federal Reserve System

Grant Gulland 1B

The Fed

The purpose of the Federal Reserve is to keep a stable economy and to set monetary policies.

They regulate our economy by sellling and buying securities from banks.

The Seven board of governers supervise most of the system, with the help of the Disrict Presidents.

District 1- Boston Massachusites

District 2- New York, New York

District 3- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

District 4- Cleveland, Ohio

District 5- RIchmond, North Carolina

District 6- Alanta, Georgia

District 7- Chicago, Illinois

District 8- St. Louis, Missouri

District 9- Minneapolis, Minnesota

District 10- Kansas City, Kansas

District 11- Dallas, Texas

District 12- San Francisco, California

Board of Governers

Located in D.C.

7 governers

The overall most important group in the Fed

Make large decisions in the Fed


They are responsible to do the actual buying and selling of securities to keep the economy balanced.

Bureau of Engraving & Printing

This group makes the notes such as checks and paper currency.

U.S. Mint

This group is responsible for the making of coin.