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October 7, 2019

MMA Fall Festival 2019

Fall Festival Thank you!

Fall Festival was the best I've experienced in my three years at MMA. Thank you to those who attended Friday, especially those who brought friends and family to this event. Your presence was felt and appreciated. There were so many new and happy faces at Fall Festival. It was great to see a diversity in the families who volunteered to help - not just the same families who always seem to do it all. It was surprising and also good to see former families as well as alum having fun at Fall Festival.

Please congratulate junior high staff (especially Ms. Andria) and students when you see them for putting together a legit haunted house. Please also shower Taylor Monsen, MAPA President, with your praise and thanks for pulling Fall Festival together. Until recently, she was a board of one (plus me, who isn't much help) and has been absolutely amazing in recruiting volunteers and making Fall Festival happen.

I was personally ecstatic that Custom Events (who provided the bouncy houses), did not bring the dunk tank this year. They said that they brought the train instead. I think we should make this train (not the dunk tank) an MMA Fall Festival tradition moving forward ;-).

FYI, I will be out on Friday and not reachable by email or phone Friday through the weekend. I am taking a day and the weekend for myself. You will be well cared for by the support team during this time.

All staff (teachers and assistants) need to be in attendance at staff meetings. Assistants should modify their week's hours to stay within their contract hours, so please adjust accordingly.

Thank you for being you,


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Staff Update

Wendy, a special education teaching assistant, is no longer employed at MMA. We thank her for her contribution and wish her the best moving forward.

As you saw this week, Craig started in junior high teaching math.

Lock Down Debrief

Thank you all for doing such a great job keeping students safe and calm during our lockdown. We have learned much after this experience. There were questions about the announcement about going into the closet - which is not listed in our emergency procedures guide. This was a mistake in making the announcement and probably caused more distress than necessary. We apologize for this. Lockdown procedures dictate that you stay away from windows and doors in your classroom.

More than one of you have told me that you have called or heard from our local police and they stated that we were in lock-in, which they interpreted as no one leaving the building - very different from a lockdown drill.

From admin/office's perspective, the police called and told us to go into lockdown and did not provide any additional details. This may have been misheard; however, we also called the police back later and asked for an update and if we should still be in "lockdown" mode and they said yes. They told us that someone was taking a custody issue into their own hands and that they did not have this person under control yet. With this information, we were not comfortable letting anyone in or out of the school.

I will follow-up with our local police and share our emergency procedures to ensure we're all on the same page and I will also debrief Monday's event with them.

Thank you again for your calm leadership as well as follow-up questions and suggestions.