Cordelia Hills Staff Update

Believe, 2/1/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: Thank you to all of the 2nd-5th grade teachers that were able to make it to the writing PD this past Wednesday. Thanks to Mr. Byland and Mrs. O for holding after school intervention over the last few weeks. Big props to Michelle Hansen for one of the best writing lessons I have seen in a long time. Solid work! Many laughs to Mr. Leathers and TAP staff along with Ms. Rivers for engaging our 4/5 students with a hula hoop lesson (the adults were getting the lesson). A huge ruff to Ms. Karen and Mr. Linnet for helping to reunite Target the Retriever with his owner.

Grows: How do you check in with all of your students each day? How do you gauge the social emotional status and needs of 100% of the students?

MAP Testing Coming up

MAP testing window is from Feb. 4th -22nd. I recommend that you give MAP testing the first two weeks so the last week can be held for make ups. We will not need to create a testing schedule for this since everyone has their own chromebooks now.

A few important notes from assessment operations:

· Students will have ONE opportunity to test in Reading and mathematics. They will no longer be able to retest. This will help keep testing to a minimum. It is critical that you proctor and monitor the students closely so that you can be sure students gave their best effort so that accurate data is measured on where students are in their learning. In addition, the system will prompt the proctor letting them know if a student is "rapid guessing".

· Equity for All - Accessibility & Accommodations - Removing Barriers - Be sure to look at the available supports. Here is the link to see what is available in MAP

· To turn on Text-To-Speech - Simply turn the Chromebook on and click on "Ctrl Alt Z and this will turn on the ChromeVox spoken feedback feature. Then open the MAP APP and the screen content will be read aloud. Students will need earbuds.

Here are the test names for each assessment by grade level.

PLEASE BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT NAME FOR YOUR GRADE LEVEL WHEN SETTING UP YOUR TEST SESSIONS. This will ensure that students do not have the ability to select the incorrect test.

Grades 1 & 2

Growth: Reading K-2 CA 2010

Growth: Math K-2 CA 2010

** Reminder **

Grade 2 take these tests and not the Growth 2-5 tests ***

Grades 3-5

Growth: Reading 2-5 CA 2010 V2

Growth: Math 2-5 CA 2010

Grades 6+

Growth: Reading 6+ CA 2010 V2

Growth: Math 6+ CA 2010

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide on how to administer MAP for teachers, student directions, and what to do when a student bumps off the network, etc.

The Help Desk staff is currently operating with two vacant positions so please be patient for a response from them and refer to the step-by-step guide as much as possible before calling 399-5100.

Spring Social Skills Groups

Folks! I've recieved names for the upcoming groups from two teachers. I know we have more students in need than the 4 names that were emailed.

If you have a student that you think would be a good candidate, please let me know (even if you submitted the name before). Your attention to this is appreciated.

ELPAC Coming up

The ELPAC Summative window is opening February 12th and we need your help! Please check out the latest email from Jennifer Baker and reach out to her by TODAY, February 1st if you are interested in a short training and are willing to help us out in this process. Please remember, the success of our EL students is a large area of need based on the summative data available to us. Your help here is much appreciated!

Mindfulness/Brain Break Pilot Info

Schedule Link for MindUp Lessons with Mr. Matthew

Remember, we want to practice mindfulness with our students (everyday)! If you aren't using Inner Explorer, email me and I will send you a new log-in. Here are some other cool mindfulness links that are kid friendly.

Interested in piloting brain break ideas in your classroom? Please reach out to me. I am looking for pilot classes with folks who are committed to trying brain break strategies in their classroom and are committed to sustaining the effort for several weeks.

Past Links on mindfulness/trauma/brain science:

Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks

Stop, Breathe, and Think Video

Link on mindfulness and kindness , kid friendly hip hop music with a mindful message., kid friendly art and mindful activities.

Upcoming Dates/Events

2/1: Progress Reports due to admin (we are working on an updated parent communication related to this); Student of the month lunch

2/5: Staff meeting, PBIS Intervention Team Meeting, EdEquity Visit

2/6: Trotter @ Expulsion Panel 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. at Sullivan

2/7: School Site Council @ 4:30, library

2/11 and 2/18 : No School

2/12 and 2/13: Emergency Preparedness for Grades 3-5 (both days)

2/22: Open Upon A Time (Daughters Dance)

Brick Space

Brick Space will be returning this spring. We are scheduled for the first week in April. More information on a schedule will come later.


I will continue to leave this link as a resource for you to check out to get that overall view of our school. We were green in all areas and blue in suspension. Let me know if you have any questions.