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His Blog Changed His Life – Jonathan Giannone

On August 10th, 2011, Jonathan Giannone created a blog to help keep him on track as he pursued his goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Little did he know, a few years later he would have a major health and fitness blog that would lead to his career as an author, motivational speaker, fitness instructor, and full time blogger. Jonathan Giannone has become a virtual inspiration. Hundreds of people visit his site daily to receive a daily dose to of motivation.

Jonathan Giannone: FF Hobby

Jonathan Giannone enjoys spending time with his favorite hobby fantasy football. He knows that there are many different types of leagues, and there are many different things that can be changed in fantasy football. These things are largely based on the abilities of the fantasy league host. Some of the well known fantasy football hosts include, Yahoo, CBS Sports, ESPN, and the NFL Network.

Out of these four the one with more technical issues seems to be The NFL Network they provide great up to the second information however the service can often have system lag since it seems to be often way overloaded. In addition, the mobile app seems to have just been an afterthought. It does not work all that well, and it is very poorly designed.

Jonathan Giannone knows that another one of the top fantasy football hosts is ESPN. This site is pretty well designed, and people who start playing on the ESPN site tend to stick with it long term while people from other hosts tend to not like it very much. One of the other issues with ESPN is like the NFL Network, the system is very heavily used by more than just Fantasy Football participants and the system can occasionally get very bogged down. The one main killer that turns many people away from ESPN is the constant lock on information. Jonathan Giannone knows that paying for ESPN Insider has many benefits; the biggest is that then you no longer have three-quarters of the site blocked from your view.

Jonathan Giannone: No Homer

Jonathan Giannone knows that one of the worst ways of drafting your team is if you are a homer. While occasionally it is a fantasy player’s hometown team loaded with offensive talent, and that is not at all normal. Instead, it is more normal for homers to be people who draft many players from their favorite team. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as not researching players or only recognizing the names of players from a fantasy football participant’s favorite team.

Jonathan Giannone believes that fantasy football homers often will often try to justify their hometown picks with fake statistics and facts which make them feel better about taking a bunch of players earlier than they should have been drafted. This kind of person is fun to have the league because those people can be an easy target of teasing, but they do sometimes end up hurting the league.

The best fantasy leagues tend to have owners who are all active participants and who want to win all the way through the final week. Homers tend to be more concerned with their favorite team and players doing well, and that can hurt their fantasy team, which in turn lowers the level of the league for many.

There is, of course, that rare occurrence that Jonathan Giannone has experienced. When the number one offense in the league is the offense for your favorite team, then it may be an okay time to try to bring your favorite team into your draft plans.

Jonathan Giannone: Small Amount of Time Daily

Jonathan Giannone has been playing fantasy football for a long time and one of the things that he has come to understand, is the need for a small amount of attention to be paid to the league on a daily basis instead of just a large amount of time once a week. By spreading it out, (not including watching games) the fantasy football participant has more of ability to stay on top of the day to day changes in players and their status.

It also helps to remind participants when they need to set their lineup prior to Thursday night games. Jonathan Giannone would encourage people to not invest so much time that affects other areas of their life. Instead invest a small amount of time and think of it the way he does, like it is a hobby. Of course Jonathan Giannone, as with any fantasy football participant, has occasionally found himself spending way more time than he had intended, not to worry though, that is normal. With time, practice, and experience, that over expenditure of time is cleared up, and you are left with spending a small amount of time invested and still very much enjoying your fantasy football league.

Jonathan Giannone knows that when you can spend some time each day doing what you want to do you will live a healthier and happier life. He believes that allowing you the time to do something like fantasy football is an important way to make time for yourself that is very important to people’s emotional and physical health.

Jonathan Giannone: Pre-Draft Rankings

Jonathan Giannone knows that occasionally it happens when someone is going to be unavailable for either the whole draft or part of the draft. When this happens, it is very important that you get your pre-draft rankings set ahead of time. It is the best way to insure that you get a team you are happy with.

Jonathan Giannone knows that pre-draft rankings are an important tool that can be set within your host. Each hosting service will have a slightly different method for setting your pre-draft rankings, but they should all give the ability to do so. When you set them, and the draft starts if you are not there to pick then the hosting service will automatically select highest ranked player (based on your rankings) in a position of need.

Some services will allow you to include the bench as a player in need but do not select this option. When you select this option, you will occasionally get a bench that can hurt your chance of doing well. Jonathan Giannone saw a time when a friend did this and they set their pre-draft ranking in a way to make sure they got a top quarterback. However, since it was selecting for the bench as a position of need, it took all quarterbacks until the quarterback and all the bench spots were filled. This created an opportunity for a number of good trades however he was in a tough position throughout the year. Jonathan Giannone suggests that you base your rankings on one of the experts and allow their rankings to guide your own.

Jonathan Giannone: Hosting FF

Jonathan Giannone loves playing fantasy football and understands that there are a number of great sites for hosting a fantasy football league. Two of his favorites are CBS Sports and Yahoo. They are two of the largest providers of fantasy football hosting. They have both been around the business for a long time, and they have learned some of the important things that people like Jonathan Giannone are looking for.

One of the services that Jonathan Giannone likes the most is CBS Sports. CBS sports interface and mobile apps are adequate but not that great. However, CBS’s expert information is some of the most accurate in the field, and their lineup of experts are very helpful. The CBS hosting setup is not as intuitive as some of the other hosting companies, but it is still very useable and the mobile app is also not as easy to use but is still sufficient. The main reason why CBS is such a great option is because of the accuracy that the experts continue to display.

Jonathan Giannone knows that the other great option for hosting is Yahoo. Yahoo has a lot of information at your fingertips and like other hosts it has player injury and stat updates happen almost immediately. The biggest thing in favor of yahoo is that they have probably the easiest to use the mobile app and website, and it is all free. Jonathan Giannone likes that Yahoo also has a very large amount of settings that can be adjusted anyway the commissioner wants.

Jonathan Giannone

Jonathan Giannone is in four different fantasy leagues. Each of the leagues is a little different, but they all have some things that bring a different element. One type of Jonathan Giannone’s leagues is the auction league. An auction league entails a few things that are different that a standard fantasy football league, but they mostly revolve around acquiring players.

Jonathan Giannone knows that one of the main differences between other types of leagues and an auction league is the way drafts are done. In an auction league, each player has a preset amount of fantasy league money (not real money). That money is then used to bid on players. The winning bid will have money subtracted from their auction budget, and that person will get the player. With a fantasy league budget of $100, the team manager has to be sure to have enough money left over to fill his roster so managing the budget well is an important part of setting the team up for success throughout the entire season.

Jonathan Giannone knows that some auction leagues will have waiver budgets as well. This is money that is used throughout the season to pick people up off the waiver wire. When injuries happen, or players are not performing as expected, some people will decide to look to the waiver wire for help. The waiver wire works the same way as the auction with people bidding on players and whoever bids the most when the waiver wire is closed will receive that player. Jonathan Giannone knows that auctions may be a bit more confusing, but they add a great bit of strategizing and tactics

Jonathan Giannone: Standard FF

Jonathan Giannone knows that a standard fantasy football league refers to a standard roster. A Standard roster will include as starters, 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 2-3 WR’s, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 DST, and 1 K. A standard roster will also normally include 5 or 6 bench spots. This is the most widely used roster for fantasy football, and so it is the one most people are familiar with. There are however many variations of rosters positions.

Some teams will make use of the flex spot to make the quarterback more valuable. If a player can start a quarterback in the flex spot that is traditionally reserved for a wide receiver, tight end or running back, then most people will play a quarterback. Quarterbacks will normally get more points than any other players. The very top players at each position may get more fantasy football points every week than an average quarterback, however, after that top tier of player, it would make more sense to put a middle of the road quarterback in that flex spot.

Jonathan Giannone knows that another way leagues can make things different is through the use of individual defensive players instead of one DST. DST stands for Defense/Special Teams. This position means that all the defensive points and special teams points earned by a team are yours. Jonathan Giannone knows that when you split that up into individual players it becomes significantly more difficult to keep track of everything and all the players you would then need to watch.

Jonathan Giannone Likes the Simple Life

Even though Jonathan Giannone has completely changed his life around – he still enjoys “the simple life.” After losing a miraculous 200 lbs, creating a blog read by hundreds of people daily, and being a health and fitness motivational speaker/ instructor, Jonathan is still the same old Jonathan.While many popular, full-time bloggers start to make changes in their appearance, website, and lifestyle as they grow a larger, more consistent audience, Jonathan continues to keep things simple.

“I am extremely proud of my weight loss and all that has come with it, but I still like the same simple clothes, my same simple apartment, and my same simple lifestyle. I still have a lot that I want to do and achieve, so I am I am saving as much money as I can and staying as focused as I can. I have a lot of projects and plans in the future that are more important to me than clothes and spending money," Jonathan Giannone.

Everything from the layout on his website, quality of the camera on his vlogs, and his style of writing has continued to remain the same. Aside from his dramatic weight loss, the only thing that seems to have changed about Jonathan is his iPhone case While many feel that constant change must exist in order for things to stay fresh, and new, Jonathan has proven that that is not always the case and has continued to gain a strong audience as each year passes

Instagram and Jonathan Giannone’s Make a Great Team!

Before Jonathan Giannone owned a popular blog, lost 200 lbs, and spoke to many people about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, Jonathan Giannone was a photographer – and a good one at that! Even though Jonathan spends the majority of his time being a full time health and fitness blogger/motivational speaker, Jonathan still manages to get his photos out by posting them on his Instagram.

If readers on Jonathan Giannone’s blog Doing it the Right Way are looking for health and fitness related information on his Instagram – think again. Jonathan has dedicated his Instagram to his photography and his photography only. Followers are able to see beautiful photographs of nature, people, and his two adorable dogs Tack and Ginger.

On occasion, Jonathan Giannone will post abstract pictures taken of fruits and vegetables to entertain those that follow him on his blog. He has a talent for making the fruit look delicious, while also capturing it in an artistic manner. For the most part though, followers of Jonathan Giannone’s Instagram will have to enjoy the beautiful pictures of life that Jonathan posts. He posts pictures weekly and sometimes holds “Can You Spot the ___ in the Picture” challenges to give his followers something fun to do.

For those interested, Jonathan sales a variety of lovely photos he took, on his blog Doing it the Right Way. If you are looking for a picture to light up your office, add depth to your room, or just to see the beauty that a camera can capture, Jonathan Giannone’s photos are the photos for you.

Jonathan Giannone Happily Welcomes Guest Bloggers

To all the eager writers out there itching to post an inspiring story - Jonathan Giannone welcomes you! Known for his blog Doing it the Right Way – a blog that capitalizes on his 200-lb weight loss journey – Jonathan now welcomes writers with an inspiring lesson, motivational advice, and/or humorous, uplifting stories.

As a writer himself, Jonathan has learned that the best blog posts come from the heart. Many people get so caught up in being the best, that they forget to write a story, and just write content – Jonathan doesn’t want that. He is not looking for a writer who has written in Entertainment Weekly or who has received a Pulitzer award. Jonathan is looking for those individuals who have a story or who can give advice that they want to provide to help others. Anyone is welcome to submit a blog to Jonathan Giannone’s guest blog submission.

A few things Jonathan is looking for in the submissions are creativity, energy, and writing that will connect with the audience. One reason Jonathan's blog has been such a success, is because he makes himself relatable to his audience and makes them feel as if he is welcoming them into his story. Jonathan Giannone isn’t asking guest bloggers to write like him, but he is asking them to write in a way that will capture the audience in a positive manner.

All guests blogs that are picked and featured on Jonathan Giannone’s blog will receive 35 dollars for their post, and have their personal blogs featured.

Jonathan Giannone Get’s Political

Readers of Jonathan Giannone’s popular health and fitness blog might not know that he is very much into politics. While he chooses to keep his political views quiet on his blog, he has no problem telling others to vote – especially in his community.

Jonathan Giannone religiously helps spread the word about upcoming elections in his town. Regardless of the candidate, Jonathan helps post signs, pass out bumper stickers, and get people rallied up about voting. Jonathan has recently spoken to his former college campus about how important it is to cast your vote in an election.

Jonathan has always been interested in politics, and he has always studied the different views and policies of the candidates who would be our eventual leaders. He realized how important it is to make sure people go out and vote for the candidates they felt would make the most positive changes. “It’s not about trying to get them to vote for my party, the other party, or anything like that. It’s about supporting and fighting for what you believe in. We have opinions and choices, and we should be able to express and act on them," said Jonathan Giannone.

We asked Jonathan if he would consider running for any political positions, but that doesn't seem to be in his future. "I don't ever see myself running for office," said Jonathan, “I just like to let people know that their voices can be heard, and they should be heard."

If you would like to learn more about Jonathan, you can find him on his popular blog, Doing it the Right Way.

Jonathan Giannone Helps His family’s Sweet Tooth

It craves candy during the day, chocolate during the night, and cupcakes all throughout the day – yes, I am talking about the infamous sweet tooth. Many of us are struck with its sweet craving desires and have to fight the urge to cave it in. For Jonathan Giannone’s (owner of the Health and Fitness blog Doing it the Right Way) immediate family, a sweet tooth affected them all. To fix the situation, Jonathan created healthy sweets that the family could munch on when their sweet tooth gets too strong.

“My brother, sister and parents have all struggled when it came to sweets. When I grew as a health and fitness junkie, I learned how to make delicious sweets that are healthy, but that satisfy the sweet tooth.” – Jonathan said.

One desert that is a favorite of Jonathan’s is banana ice cream. “My sister loves banana Laffy Taffy's and can eat them like nobody’s business. So one day I decided to whip her up some banana ice cream, and she loved it! All you need are frozen bananas and a blender, and you are good to go! I like to add fresh fruit on top of mine to add some extra sweet, healthy goodness.”

Another treat Jonathan Giannone likes to make for his family is homemade Larabars. "I love Larabars and recommend them to anyone. But sometimes they get a little too expensive, so I make my own now. The recipe is on my blog, and I recommend that everyone give it a try!”

Well, you heard it folks! If you have a sweet tooth like Jonathan Giannone's family, try out these yummy, healthy recipes and take your taste buds on an adventure!

The Half-Marathon Training Begins – Jonathan Giannone

After four years of exercise, changing his eating habits, and losing 20 lbs, Jonathan Giannone has announced on his well-liked blog that he is now training for his first half-marathon.

For the last year, Jonathan had steadily discussed how much he enjoys running, and how he has been building himself up as a runner as each week passes. He started his running journey by going on simple ten-minute jogs around his neighborhood with a friend after working out at the gym. He ended up enjoying that more and more each day, and started making running a full workout a couple of days a week. He eventually began running 5ks with his fellow running buddies, and has since been intrigued with running as many 5ks as he can. After his twelfth 5k in a year, Jonathan decided to push his self further by training for a half-marathon.

Jonathan Giannone will be achieving his half-marathon goal by following the Hal Higdon training program. He has already completed week one and says he is “Excited for the weeks to come.” For this half-marathon, Jonathan Giannone is not looking to have the best time. His goal is to push himself to complete the task and enjoy the ride to doing so.

Jonathan’s half-marathon is set to happen around early November. He is running with close friends, his sister, and his iPod full of his favorite tunes. He will be sure to keep his readers updated on his blog, Doing it the Right Way.

Active Blogging Helps Assist Jonathan Giannone’s Weight loss Progress

Being a full time blogger is every blogger's dream. The idea of following your passion, setting your own hours, working from home, and getting paid to do it all is the ideal life for many people. Although that is an awesome way to spend one’s career – it can also involve a lot of sitting, a lot of eating, and a lot of time in one’s pajamas if he or she is not careful. Jonathan Giannone, a full time health and fitness blogger, has made sure to keep his blogging active.

As Jonathan Giannone's blog grew, he realized that he was going to have to spend a lot more time on his computer. As a result, Jonathan made sure he kept himself moving as much as he could. He bought a picnic table for his back yard, and makes it a habit to go back there two to three times a week to keep himself outside of the house, and in an area where he is not tempted to lounge around and be lazy. It allows him to create more productive work while enjoying nature.

Once a week, Jonathan also gets out of the house and blogs at a local café, Starbucks, or even the lounge at his gym. After an intense workout, Jonathan will take a shower in the locker room, grab a water, and work on his blog for a few hours. Jonathan Giannone claims that this method of blogging keeps him constantly on his feet, active, and focused.

Meal Prepping? Jonathan Giannone Approves!

Meal prepping – the method of preparing full meals in advance - is steadily gaining more popularity as the year’s progress. For Jonathan Giannone’s weight loss journey that began in 2011 –meal prepping has been a must ever since.

On Jonathan’s popular blog Doing it the Right Way, readers will read how Jonathan attributes meal prepping to much of his success. During his journey, Jonathan would post pictures of about 20 containers that contained his meals and snacks for the week. According to many articles on his blog, Jonathan would take care of all his meal needs on Sunday, so that meals would be one less thing he would have to worry about.

Around three in the afternoon every Sunday, Jonathan would head to the grocery store and pickup chicken breasts, tilapia, brown rice, corn pasta, fruits, vegetables, and anything else he needed to make his tasty, healthy meals. When Jonathan got home, he would get to work prepping his meals for the week. He would put a full package of chicken breast in the oven, place a full pack of brown rice into a pot to cook, and would simply work on his blog while he waited for everything to finish cooking. He would do the same thing with his fish and other dishes. He would then place them in containers, pop them in the refrigerator or freezer and be done with all his meals for the entire week.

Jonathan Giannone continues to meal prep and encourages others to do the same. Every week, followers on Jonathan’s blog can watch his vlogs called, “Prepping, Talking, and Vlogging.” In those vlogs, Jonathan answers readers’ questions while meal prepping and vlogging.

“I didn’t do it to become the next viral internet blog. I did it for my health.” – Jonathan Giannone

You wouldn’t have been able to convince Jonathan Giannone in2011 that he would have a blog that receives hundreds of hits a day, be speaking at events advocating a healthy lifestyle, and be an entrepreneur who has lost 200 lbs.

Jonathan was never one to indulge in attention. In fact, he shied away from it. As a kid, he was very quiet. Growing up, he was rarely involved in school activities other than photography. Jonathan loved photography. It was a way for him to capture the beauty of life without having to interact with many people. During college, he spent his time going to class, taking pictures, and developing his craft. None of his classmates would have ever thought that he would eventually own a blog that is read by hundreds of people.

"I was never one to step out into the public eye if I never had to. I think it was due to my introverted nature, as well as a lack of confidence due to my size. Regardless, all my life I never wanted to be noticed more than I needed to be. The blog that I started was not to make money or to become well known. It was to simply hold myself accountable while helping out the one or two people who saw my blog- I was never expecting all of this. On the contrary, I am glad that it happened, because I am now able to help so many awesome people." – Jonathan Giannone.

Jonathan Giannone may not have planned on having a viral blog, but he has certainly created a viral health and fitness trend that is helping hundreds of people gain complete health.