Short Term, Volcanic Eruptions

By: Aden Mire, 6th period

The effects of a Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic eruptions are explosions of thousands of tons of rock in the air, covering everything in a huge radius in dust and rock. The effect are that organisms may have to develop better sight in the dark and a respiratory system for the dust covered terrain. It kills all plant life and can poison or kill anything that breaths in the dust. To sustain the species, organisms may have to either move or find an oxygen rich environment to be protected from inhaling ash. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to recover from a volcanic eruption.

The 1815 Tambora Volcanic eruption

This Volcanic eruption launched over 100 km3 of pulverized rock into the atmosphere, sending the country into a thick, black night which spread in an area about 4 times the size of the U.K. It was the largest eruption in the last thousand years and it ended up killing 70,000 people were killed and because it gained the ability to absorb solar rays, temperatures dropped about 10-20 degrees, this launched the natives in to "The Year Without a Summer."