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Happy New Year!

I love that the holidays wrap up with a celebration of the New Year. I especially love that New Years Eve was on a Thursday this year… this gave me time to relax, watch movies (and recover from a late night!) on New Years Day and still have the weekend to spend sometime in reflection and goal setting for the year ahead! You can check out my latest blog post, "a fresh approach to discipline in the New Year," at the GREATful Living blog.

I'm really excited for January's New Year, Cleanse & Detox Class this Sunday - Jan. 10th. This will a be a great way to learn about more about essential oils and to learn more specifically about oils & supplements for cleaning & detoxing the body.

Wishing you a very happy & healthy 2016!

Erika Lee

New Year Essential Oil Cleanse & Detox Class

Sunday, Jan. 10th, 6:30pm

800 North 3rd Street

Minneapolis, MN

Come & learn how to ring in the New Year the Healthy way with essential oils. doTERRA not only has oils that are great for maintaing health & well-being but we have AMAZING supplements that support daily wellness and seasonal cleansing & detoxing.

What you'll take away from a class is a 30 day cleansing & detoxing program that will cleanse & purify the body, support healthy digestion & metabolic process, support the filtering organs of the body and detoxification and cleansing for the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs & skin.

For those interested in the 30 day program there will be support through-out the 30 days to keep you on track and accountable! None of us can do everything alone, nor should we, it's much for fun when we join together to make a difference in our lives and therefore also impacting the lives of others.

Let's do this together!

Class will start with a 20 minute optional Hatha Yoga Class. No prior yoga experience necessary. This is safe, non-judging space to practice yoga and reap the benefits of a healthy mind, body & spirit.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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