Curriculum Writing Service

Annual Subscription

Building Regional Capacity

The New York State Education Department is responsible for setting standards for what all students should know and be able to do as a result of skilled instruction. It is the responsibility of local school districts to develop curricula based on these established standards.

For some subjects or courses, writing curriculum can be challenging because there aren't a large pool of teachers to work together to produce a robust map. This is where this Curriculum Writing Service could come into play! This service is designed for teachers who teach a singleton course or are part of a small department and would benefit from collaboration with other teachers from our region.

Service Includes

    • 1 day of professional development, including: introduction to curriculum writing, overview of relevant New York State standards documents, group norms and goal-setting, review of relevant open education resources (OERs)

    • 4 days of in-person curriculum writing, assessment creation, other tasks necessary to create a regional shared curriculum for a full-year course

    • Ongoing online support via Schoology group for entire first year

What you'll get

    • Pacing guide

    • Full year of unit maps (from scratch or remixing OERs)

    • Digital access to all materials

    • Schoology online community

    • Pre- and post-test student growth assessment support for APPR as needed during the first year of implementation

Single District Option

Contact Jessica Sheridan for additional information about curriculum writing support within your district.