Verbal Bullying

by Dakota


Bullying comes in many different forms. The kind this presentation is about is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying can come in different forms.
There is:
~Name calling
~Threatening to cause harm
~Embarrassing people
But verbal isn't just bullying to their face. Verbal bullying can be talking behind someones back, spreading rumors or leaving some one out on purpose

Being a bully.

No one really understands why people decide to abuse other people. Some believe jealousy causes it. If someone is insecure about themselves they try to make others feel insecure too. Others believe that when someone feels as if their life isn't the best they resort to making other people "feel their pain".
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What We Should Be Doing.

Instead of just watching people get bullied we should be standing up for the victim. When you see someone being bullied, defend them or go get an adult.

Instead of putting people down we should be building each other up.

Don't be the reason someone gets pushed over the edge.

We are all equal and nobody deserves to feel less.

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