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A Note from Your MM

As the second full week of October arrives, it seems crazy to already be thinking about Christmas. But the reality is, many have already begun Christmas shopping and planning now is imperative to your success this holiday season. This Wednesday at 9pm EST, I will be hosting a team Google Video Chat to discuss planning for the holiday season and how to maximize this exciting time. I may even have a few secrets to share!

While planning ahead, keep working your business right now too! There are several small steps that you can do daily that take very little time, but merchandisers who have been around awhile will tell you are key to keeping your business alive and thriving! I will be doing a series of blog posts about these things over on our Merch Perch team page this week, but if you keep reading all the way to the end of this email, you will get a preview!

In my last email, I mentioned that our team goals this month were $10K in sales and to have 25 merchandisers to make a sale or be "active". Well, as of tonight, we are at $1200 in sales and have 6 team members active! I want to challenge you all to join me this week over on the Merch Perch to learn how we can soar as a team and increase these numbers daily!

Finally, I haven't done this before, but from here on out I will have set office hours. After some recent health struggles and working a full time job, I am finding it necessary to set aside specific times to reply to your messages and to have phone calls scheduled. As previously stated, feel free to message me at any time, but know that I may or may not respond immediately. It is also important to note, that in order to best maximize my time, I will only be take pre-scheduled phone calls. Below you will find the times I have set aside as office hours and a Google form to use to book a time for a call.

Here's to a beautiful fall October week!

xoxo, Ashli

Top 5 Ways to Build Your Business

  1. Daily 5
  2. Booking Pop-Ups at Check Out
  3. Social Media
  4. Being Consistent
  5. Take a Risk