Athletic Trainer

Trevor Dommert

How long have you been an athletic trainer?

"I have been an athletic trainer for about 4 years now"

What training did you need in order to become successful?

"I had to spend 4 years at the University of Texas at Austin and earned my master of science in athletic training. About two years through my college career i worked as an intern for a rehabilitation center."
Can you become an athletic trainer out of high school? College?

"You really need college experience to become an athletic trainer."

How did you first become involved with this career?

"When i was young i was a football player. That's all I loved to do. One day i was practicing and i hurt my leg really bad. Turned out i had pulled my ACL. I spent a few weeks with an athletic trainer and that's when i learned i really like what they do."

What is the most interesting project you have ever been involved with?

"Believe it or not, I actually helped Neftali Feliz recover from his elbow injury."

Do you see yourself continuing this career ten years from now?

"of course, i really enjoy helping people recover from their injuries like i was helped when i was younger. I want people to have the same opportunities i had when i was younger and not have an injury stop them from doing what they love."