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げつようび-Monday- Aug 31, 2015

Japanese 1 Info! ^o^


おはようございます! (ohayougozaimasu) (。◕‿◕。)

I hope you all had a good first week of the course and a great weekend! ^o^

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE! ^_^ Check your grades in the "My Grades" tab to see your grades as well as what you are missing.

THIS WEEK- Lesson 1:

Please make sure that you have completed all of the assignments for week 1 before moving on to lesson 1. ^_^

To find lesson 1, go to COURSE Module, click on Module 1, then Lesson 1. Start with the lesson 1 video and then go through each file/link/folder. For lesson 1, there are 4 assignments that you need to submit by the due dates given. The due dates can be found in "DUE DATES CALENDAR" link. If you have any questions, please message me: Blackboard IM, text, messages through blackboard, or email me. I have put in all the grades for the first week that were submitted by Sunday night.

Language Coaching Info:

We will start language coaching Wednesday Sept 9th! Please make sure that you have selected the time and day for your Language Coaching. It needs to be completed ASAP. You can find the link below. I will post on the announcement board as soon as we match you up with a coach. Please do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


Weekly Contact:

Each week, please check in with me on Fridays to give me an update on how you are doing in the course. Please do so by either: Blackboard IM or texting, (during my texting hours). ^_^ Please don't forget. I will check you off for this.

If you still have NOT completed the Welcome Call, please schedule an appointment to do so on the form provided:
This needs to be completed ASAP!

I hope you all have a great second week. If you have any questions, please ask me thru Blackboard IM or text me. ^_^ Keep up the good work!!! ^_^

ホール先生 ^_^

Don’t forget to log in EVERYDAY (Mon-Fri). Remember that it is a requirement to log in everyday for participation as well. Please continue to work, the best that you can. ^_

☻ /

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  1. Welcome Call--Please be sure to schedule a call ASAP if you have not completed this. VERY IMPORTANT TO COMPLETE. You can find the link below to schedule a call.
  2. Blackboard IM--Please make sure you download this and sign in to make sure it works. You can find the Blackboard IM link to the left. I'm checking you off for doing so. This is for a grade.
  3. Student INFO Survey--You can find the link below. Please complete this if you haven't already. This is very important to complete.
  4. How Do You Learn? Discussion Board--(Submit the whole document, just complete pages 12 & 13 on "How do you learn?"--This is the Biography Checklist LinguaFolio Doc)
  5. Academic Integrity Quiz --located to the left.
  6. Getting Acquainted Assignment :)
    1. Don't forget to make 2 comments on your classmate's postings. :)
  7. Language Coaching Sign Up Form: You can find the link below. Please SIGN up ASAP.
  8. Typing Quiz-located in introductory module.

*FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO JUST GOT THEIR LOGIN INFO TODAY: Please do your best to catch up. You will not be penalized.

SIGN UP for Language Coaching HERE!!

EVERY STUDENT NEEDS TO DO THIS ASAP (if you have not completed this already! This is for a grade as well. Plus, this is very important to do. We are assigning students to their coaches now and need everyone to sign up for a time ASAP.)

Student Info Survey --REQUIRED SURVEY

Please complete this ASAP so I will know your updated info, as well as where you will be taking this class, what equipment you currently have, etc. REQUIRED SURVEY!

Assignments Due Week 2 Lesson 1:

(Due dates will be enforced from now on, which means if not submitted by due date points will be deducted! :

  1. Lesson 1 Writing Assignment (Due Tuesday)
  2. Lesson 1 Cultural Discussion (Due Wednesday)
    • Don't forget to make 2 comment/replies on your classmate's postings.
  3. Lesson 1 Speaking Assignment (Due Thursday)
    • For this assignment, please use Audacity (make sure you export it to .mp3 format, or ***When using Audacity.....aup format will NOT allow anyone to open the file except you.
    • Don't forget to make 2 comments/replies on your classmate's postings
  4. Lesson 1 Quiz (Due Friday)
Japanese 1 Week 2 Newsletter ^o^

There are a lot of awesome links on here to use for lesson 1 learning! ^o^

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Let's do our best! がんばりましょう! (✿◕‿◕)