Language Barriers in Schools

What can we can do to help?


  • ELL (English Language Learner) students are struggling in school
  • Lack of ELL teachers/ programs
  • ELL students are not learning
  • Grades suffering
  • ELL student dropout rate is increasing
  • Not enough ELL teachers
  • More than half of ELLs in U.S. public schools are taught only in English.
  • The number of ELL students has nearly doubled to about 5 million.
  • ELL students are given reading and math tests in English before they are proficient in the language
  • Hard to find enough teachers who are qualified to instruct them, and there’s little consistency in the programs used to educate them.



  1. Get a clear count of the number of ELL students in the school who need help with English

  2. Hold an interest meeting for fluent bilingual students in study halls, or aiding programs

  3. Gather data as to which bilingual students speak which languages in the school

  4. Assign bilingual student to an ELL student

  5. Bilingual student meets the ELL student in that class everyday, sitting next to them to translate whatever they would need, helping them learn English along the way.