Should girls play boys sports

By Bianca Rodriguez

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Imagine if it were you. Your a girl playing on a boys football team. You finally get the chance, and your running with the ball locked tight in your arms. You glance behind to see a herd of much bigger boys chasing behind you, coming your way. Next thing you know it, your in the emergency room trying to remember what had happened and why you are in there. So what do you think? Was it really worth it?

There is no doubt that females should not be playing on male sports teams due to possible physical harm. Take an example from, a 10 year old girl named Taylor Davison. One day she had left early from football practice with a headache. Three days later she passed away. This girl had passed away of a hard hit from one of her male team mates. It is stated that once boys reach puberty, it is unfair for boys to compete agains girls on equal teams. Woman's sports foundation explains "Due to the male hormone androgen, boys develop more muscle mass per unit volume body of mass than girls do; Even if you have a boy and a girl of the same height and weight, the boy will have more fat free mass (a greater percentage of his body will be muscle) than the girl". So generally he will be stronger, able to run faster , throw father etc. This is the reason why after the age of 11 or 12, boys and girls compete on separate sex teams. Yet people still don't understand the idea of a smaller, frailer girl running around a hulking boys sports field. Think about it. Would you consider letting your daughter play on a males sports team?

Playing with female peers may be important for many young girls to feel like they fit in. For example girls may have fewer self-esteem issued playing with their peers than with boys who tease them. Some coaches on the boys' side will not play girls equally, which means they will not be getting the proper playing time and coaching needed to develop. states "USA hockey's most recent growth and retention studies found 54% of 8U girl players quiet the game before they progress to the 10U level. There are several reasons for this including the fact that girls are social beings. They may play on an all-girls team because they want to play with their friends, or sisters because the boys may intimidate them. Plus very few girls that play on boys' teams get the opportunity to be a leader or a captain. What are your thoughts? Would you rather your daughter play on a males team where she may be teased or an all girls team where she can make new friends and enjoy playing a sport?

People argue that young girls playing on males sports teams is a good idea to make them feel empowered or just because there are no other available teams. This might seem like a good idea until parents and coaches etc. understand the dangers. Furthermore, playing on another gendered team just puts these girls more at risk of physical harm, teasing and no equality.

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So what's your opinion? Do you still think girls should put them selves at risk by playing on a males team? If we do not take charge of this situation future problems could erupt. More females could get injured, teased and not get the proper playing time etc. Females should not play on males sports teams.