My Poems

By:Kalib Mckinney

Makes Me Think Of

Animals make me think of Red pandas.

Red pandas make me think of Pandas.

Pandas make think of Kangaroos.

Kangaroos make me think of Koalas.

Koalas make me think of Rabbits.

Rabbits make me think of Squirrels.

Squirrels make me think of Animals.


Kind to people that are not bad

Incredibly powerful

Ready to fight

Bad guys always lose

Yet he's always eating'S_WORLD


Orange is Fire Blazing.

Orange is Tigger Jumping.

Orange smells like Oranges.

Orange taste like Pumpkin Pie.

Orange sounds like Oranges dripping juice.

Orange looks like Pumpkins.

Orange feels like Tiger Fur.

Orange makes me feels Warm.

Orange is the Sun setting.


Ode to Nature

Nature, oh nature, you are amazing

I love the trees I climb.
I love the creatures I find.

I love the grass between my toes.

I love the mountains I climb.

I love the songs of the birds in the morning,

And when I wake in the early morning,

I come right back.

Rhyme Scheme

There was a weather alert,

that people said was a Tornado.

It destroyed lots of places,

but sucked up Orlando.


I was looking out my window,

and then I saw a spider.

It was taller than a tree and then looked right at me.

I started to run faster than a car,

it began to chase me.

It busted through a wall

and chased me down the stairs.

I ran straight to the backyard,

it chased me there too,

so I decided to pick up a tree,

and hit it right in the head,

it ran away, and never came back again.


There was Squirrel in a tree,

who thought he had a flee.

He went to the doctor that night,

the doctor said he was alright.

On his way home he was chased by a bee.



Fun, Cool

Attacking, Flying, Digging

Awesome in every way.



I am Piplup

I dive into the ocean,

looking for creatures to find.

Finding a sunken ship to explore,

Amazing creatures inside and more.

Going back to land to dry off.

I am Piplup.


The summer wind blew,

and the cherry tree sawed.

The leaves fall down.


My hair like the short grass.

My eyes as brown as the mud.

My attitude happy as a squirrel.

My energy as hyper as a deer running.

My ego flies as high as a bird.

My poem is Nature.

I'm as tall as a Flamingo.

I'm Kalib Cormican