Richard Ebert

BA Organizational Management

A little bit about me...

I am a transfer student to Ashford, having become a student my junior year. I’m currently serving as a Cable and Antenna Systems Supervisor in the United States Air Force and have lived in Okinawa, Japan for over four years now. One of my passions is motorcycling. Living in Okinawa offers the unique opportunity to serve as a RiderCoach teaching Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses and licensing the Americans here on island. Definitely not an additional duty you think you could get when enlisting in the Air Force! After graduation I plan on continuing my education by pursuing a Masters Degree and continue my Air Force career until retirement and then find a career working in the motorcycle industry or in traffic safety. My Air Force journey has taken me across the United States and the world. I’ve traveled to 23 states, Guam, Greece, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Japan, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands.

Pursuing a college degree while serving in the military is no easy task. Time management is the most crucial skill to employ while completing course work at Ashford University. Balancing work, family, and school was an initial challenge for me when I began my educational career at Ashford University. Countless times during courses I have had to leave home to deploy or attend training. While the initial reaction for many new students is to stop taking classes, with guidance and solid time management this does not have to be the case. My Ashford University studies actually began during my most recent deployment and I have been working steadily towards my goal of obtaining my Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Management. One of my jobs in the military is to serve as a Master Resilience Trainer. This position has taught me invaluable skills that help me promote optimism and teach my peers how to effectively face adversity. This position has shown me how valuable mentorship can be.