November Newsletter

Elton Gregory Middle School

Elton Gregory is an AVID Showcase School

Great things are happening at Elton Gregory Middle School and we have been asked by AVID to host a showcase to share the amazing progress our staff has made in supporting student success. We will have educators from around the state joining us as well as a local Senator has also registered to attend.

This is an opportunity for us to share how we are implementing AVID and the impact that it has made for students at our school with their preparation for middle school success and beyond.

This is quite an honor for our school as we are currently the only AVID school in Central Oregon that has requested to host a Showcase. Hats off to our incredibly dedicated staff and hardworking students!

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Students have four minutes to transition from one class to the next. Our teachers are committed to maximizing student instructional time for all classes. Students are expected to be prepared and ready for class as soon as the tardy bell rings for each class. To support students we have a two minute bell that rings halfway through passing time that lets students know they have two minutes remaining before they are tardy. We are seeing a large number of student tardies, which can create a disruption for the student who is late as well as the other students in the class when students enter late. Please help us reinforce the importance of being on time with your student.

Here is information from our student handbook regarding school consequences as students accumulate tardies throughout their school day. The following steps will be taken to intervene when students are marked tardy:

Tardy Discipline Ladder

Ladder will be used per class and reset each trimester

1st Tardy

Verbal Warning from teacher

2nd Tardy

Verbal Warning from teacher

3rd Tardy

Tardy Letter sent home. Letter must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the office the next school day. If letter is not returned, the student will be issued lunch detention until the letter is returned or contact with the parent/guardian has been made.

4th Tardy

Student will be issued a Discipline Referral and consequence

5th Tardy

Student will be issued a Discipline Referral and consequence

6th Tardy

Student will be issued a Discipline Referral and consequence as well as a parent conference with administration.

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Ala Carte program added to the Lunchtime Meal Program starting Monday November 4

In addition to healthy meals and extra milk/juice or entrees, Nutrition Services will offer students the ability to purchase ala carte snacks and beverages at secondary schools during meal times. Students must have a positive balance on their MealTime account. All items sold will be USDA Smart Snack compliant.

If you do not wish your student to be spending their meal account balance on extra snacks or beverages at school, please set that expectation with them. If it is necessary to limit or block ala carte purchasing on your student’s account, just let our Nutrition Services department know by email or phone call 541-923-8238. Just be aware that this will also limit or block their ability to purchase extra entrees or milk/juice.

At Elton Gregory students will be able to access Ala Carte options for the first 20 minute of our 30 minute lunch time. If you have any questions regarding the new addition to meal services please contact our the Redmond School District Nutrition Services department.


Elton Gregory produces a 100-page full-color hardback yearbook each year. This includes portraits, sporting events, clubs/activities, academics, and parent dedications to 8th grade students.

The prices for 2019-20 are as follows:

Sales start Nov. 1:

Nov. 1-30: $20

Dec. 1-30: $25

Jan. 1: $30

8th Grade Dedication Ads:

1/8 page = $20 (1 photo)

1/4 page = $30 (2 photos)

1/2 page = $50 (up to 4 photos)

Sales for 8th grade dedications begin on Nov. 1 and end on Mar. 31.

If you have any questions regarding yearbooks please feel free to contact our school office.

Winter Athletics

Boys Basketball

November - December

7th & 8th Grade Only

** Boys Basketball competitions will be scheduled on Friday November 1 and then will be updated on this newsletter during the week of Nov. 4th - 8th. They will also be updated on our school website Athletics webpage.

Girls Basketball

January - March

7th & 8th Grade Only


January - March

6th - 8th Grade

To be eligible to participate you will need to:

  1. Register online through Family ID
  2. Have a current Sports Physical turned into the EGMS office.

Click HERE for directions and needed information to register.

Parent & Coach Relationship Guidelines

Husky Hero Parent Volunteers ~ Hot Chocolate Day for Students

Our parent volunteers will be organizing a Hot Chocolate Day for all students on Friday December 13th. If you are interested in volunteering some time for this act of kindness for our students, please contact our school office.

Ways to get involved in this project:

  • Write messages of kindness on cups (Throughout month of November)
  • Show up the morning of the event to help serve students (Morning of Dec. 13th at 6:15am)
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Lost and Found

Our lost and found is overflowing. Please encourage your student to look through for any lost or missing items. We have several sweatshirts, coats, hats, etc. All contents of the lost and found will be donated during Thanksgiving Break.
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Month at a Glance November and December

  • 11/6 AVID Showcase

  • 11/6 School Improvement Wednesday; Early Release at 1:15pm

  • 11/11 No School Veterans Day

  • 11/12-11/15 Students will be taking end of Trimester Reading Inventory Assessment in Language Arts classes

  • 11/13 School Improvement Wednesday; Early Release at 1:15pm

  • 11/20 School Improvement Wednesday; Early Release at 1:15pm

  • 11/22 Celebrate November Perfect and Improved Attendance

  • 11/25-29 No School: Thanksgiving Break

  • 12/4 School Improvement Wednesday; Early Release at 1:15pm

  • 12/5 Last day of Trimester 1

  • 12/6 No School: Grading Day/Teacher Workday

  • 12/9 1st Day of Trimester 2

  • 12/11 School Improvement Wednesday; Early Release at 1:15pm

  • 12/13 Hot Chocolate Day sponsored by Kindness Committee/Husky Heroes

  • 12/17 Band Winter Concert Assembly

  • 12/17 Band Winter Evening Concert

  • 12/18 School Improvement Wednesday; Early Release at 1:15pm

  • 12/23-1/3 No School Winter Break