Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts


How did Pericles strengthen democracy.

Pericles made Athens a beautiful city. And the construction of the python.


Gods And Goddesses

They built temples to the gods. gods are immortal. they also honored there gods by holding festivals and sacrificing animals and offering foods to the gods. to honor Zeus the four city states came together every four years for an Olympian festival and games.

The Search For Knowledge

Visual And dramatic Arts

Significance of the parthenon

the point of the Parthenon was because the acropolis was destroyed in 480 b.c. so he decided to build the Parthenon. it was a temple to the goddess Athena. it was made of fine marble columns surrounded it on all four sides.

How did Greek use visual and dramatic arts in their lives.

The Greek used visual and dramatic arts for honoring gods. the ancient Greeks was also the first people to be known as the first playwrights. or the people who wrote plays.

what i enjoyed the most about the history of greece

I enjoyed learning about the statues and the arts in Greece and i also liked learning about the god and the goddesses and how they worshiped them. also i liked about how we learned a little bit about how the Olympic games originally formed.